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Fall (Cold Mark #1) by Scarlett Dawn ~ Review

Fall (Cold Mark, #1)Source: Received an e-ARC from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Fall (Cold Mark #1) by Scarlett Dawn

A savagely wicked new adult sci-fi serial blasts off with Fall, the first installment in The Cold Mark Saga...

Only one thousand Humans survived The Travel from the shattered Earth. Some Humans say it was their penance for crushing such beauty. Eighteen-year-old Braita merely thought it was pathetic - pathetic that her people had been that blind.

Now, the Humans live in the solar system, Kline, where three planets are habitable. Joyal, the smallest planet, is embraced by the Humans - their family to love as they had never loved Earth. Though a planet covered mainly in water is dangerous real estate to dwell upon.

Their worry turns into devastating reality when Braita’s blessed village is struck by a tsunami. Population numbers must be kept to a minimum. Drastic measures must be taken. Braita’s life is twisted in brutality when she is chosen as one of the three hundred Humans to be removed from Joyal…and sent to the Mian, the aliens to fear, on the planet Triaz.

Thrown head first into a barbaric world she knows nothing of, Braita must adapt to a dark life as a slave of the Mian society. Her existence depends on it…and possibly, the fall of her heart. 


I usually don't pick up serial novels. Why? Because they are not enough for me. I understand book series, where you have like 300 pages and then have to wait for the next book. You've gotten a good dose of the story, world, and characters, and THEN you have to sit around and wait for the next book. But with serial novels, it's only like 80 pages and then waiting. That usually does not work for me. I need MOAR, ya know? But I picked up Fall. Because I love me some Scarlett Dawn. Her Forever Evermore series is fantastic, and since waiting for more of that hurts, I thought I'd jump into something else by her. That "something else" just so happened to be a serial novel.

And I actually really enjoyed it. It's sci-fi, which I've been trying to read more of. And it's interesting, which is good because I sometimes find sci-fi so info-based. There's so much you need to pay attention to and remember, and I'm not always into that. This one has those elements, but they aren't overbearing. They flow well with the story. I will admit I didn't totally understand the point of it all, though. What was the point of sending people to different planets? Like, how did that save anyone except the people being sent away? That information may have been given and went over my head. But I suppose that if it did, it wasn't explained well enough. I need someone to explain this to me. Not wholly understanding that didn't mess up my understanding of everything else and the happenings of the story, however, so that was good.

The characters were even more interesting than the world. Braita didn't seem too awesome to me at first, but then she started kicking some ass and I was all in. Same goes for Jax--I was confused about him, but then he started being a badass and I liked that. I don't feel like I know enough about them yet, but I'm writing that off as something that comes with a serial. I'll learn more later. And though I thought Braita and Jax were great, my favorite characters came in later. Leo and Malik. Those guys...they were my guys. I feel like we need to learn more about them, too, but from what we already likey. They're fierce, protective, and oh so intriguing.

As far as romance goes...I think I'm liking it. I'm not SURE, though, because it all depends on what happens next. I have an idea about how it may go, and based on that idea I'm liking it. Because, as I said, Leo & Malik are great. I heart them. I want things to work out with them. But I just don't know. With the cliffhanger we were left with, there are more possibilities than the one I came up with. So we shall see how the romance goes. For now, I'm saying that it is good. Because I did very much like it, and I did swoon.

Overall, Fall was a super great start to a series, and I am anxiously waiting to see what comes next! I enjoyed the characters and found the world so interesting. While there were some things that I just did not get, I have hope that I'll understand them as the series goes on. And I know I wish it was longer, but at least I'm hooked. With the way I felt when I finished this book (SO. FREAKING. DESPERATE. For more!), there's no way I can turn away from this series now. And I'm actually pretty happy about that. Bring on more sci-fi awesomeness!

4 stars - A great NA sci-fi that left me desperate for more! 

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  1. This sounds pretty good. I have a hard time with serial novels. They are kind of hit and miss for me. Glad you enjoyed this one.