Monday, November 11, 2013

The Twelve Days of New Adult Giveaway Hop ~ Sign-ups

Based on the feedback that I got, I've decided to host some Giveaway Hops.  For the most part, everyone was interested in doing a variety of things.  There was no overwhelming preference.  But there was a lot of interest in doing them.  So, I'm going to host some hops that appeal to me.

First up....

The Twelve Days of New Adult Giveaway Hop


No restriction on books give away as long as they fit into the New Adult genre.

Maximum of 5 entries with only 1 required.

Posts must be up by December 1st, 12AM EST or they will be deleted from the linky.

Gift cards are allowed.

The giveaway must be unique to this hop.

The post must include the banner and either the linky or a link to the post on StuckInBooks.

If you are interesting in participating, fill out the linky below.

Please make sure and add your shipping restrictions in parenthesis as I have.


  1. Ooops I forgot to put the (INT) after my name! Sorry my entry was #21

  2. So sorry bout that... didn't mean to forget the shipping restrictions. My entry is number 19 (Book Chick). My shipping is Canada/USA

  3. Ack! I'm entry #38 and mine should read INT.


  4. This is from december 1st to 12th? or just december 1st?

  5. Please delete the first Book Sojourner link (#55). I entered the wrong link and forgot the shipping restrictions. #56 is the corrected entry. Thanks! Sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. sorry #58 should be INT