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My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century by Rachel Harris ~ Tour Stop

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I am so excited to be talking to Lorenzo from My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century by Rachel Harris today!

Um…so not sure how to talk to you.  I hope you don’t mind my silly modern speech.  Tell me about living in Italy.  I’ve never been there.

         I do not mind your speech at all. It reminds me of Signorina Patience. (~a small smile plays on Lorenzo’s lips as he corrects himself~) Excuse me, I mean Cat.
         And there is no better place for an artist to live then Firenze, It is a city filled with beauty from the domes on her buildings and the smiles on her people, to her enchanting music and decadent food. There is much to be inspired by here.

I hear you are an artist.  What’s your favorite medium?

         You have heard correctly, though my father would argue with that sentiment. He would have me be a banker…but I am an artist. I aspire to study with the greats, and as such, my medium of preference is oil. Though for impromptu, special occasions, I enjoy pen and ink.

I love artists.  They’re so creative.  What caused you to turn to art?

         One cannot escape it in Firenze, though why one would even try is beyond my comprehension. All of my life, I have been surrounded by sculptures and paintings, frescos and drawings, and—much to my father’s vexation—becoming an artist myself is all I have ever wanted to become.

But you need not step into a church or admire a painting to see is all around us. It’s in the changing clouds and gentle rustle of branches overhead, and the laugh of a newborn babe. The artist’s job is to capture that beauty on canvas, and that quest is intoxicating.

Tell me about when you met Cat? What was the first thought in your head?

         (~Lorenzo lifts an eyebrow and smirks~) Signora Valerie, perhaps that is a thought best left unshared. (~then he winks and leans back in his seat~)

When I first met Cat, I knew her as Signorina Patience. She came to the piazza with her cousins, Cipriano and Alessandra, whom I have known since we were all babes. Cipriano was telling me about her arrival and the peculiar way she speaks, and then I turned…and beheld the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. But in truth, it was the fire in her eyes that most captivated me.

Tell me something about Cat that we don’t learn in the book.

         That is a good question. You do discover much about her within the pages, but perhaps what does not come across as clear is that while Cat believes she appears tough and unapproachable to the world, the truth is that it is impossible to miss her inherent kindness, intelligence, and vulnerability.

Describe the perfect day.

         The perfect day would have to be a return to the country where I spent the day with Cat, Cipriano, and Alessandra. (~Lorenzo tilts his head and bites the corner of his lip~) But this time, Cat and I would be alone.

We would spend the day watching the clouds and sketching each other along the bank of the waterfall. We would dine on fresh bread and wine, and rest in the sun…. (~he grins~) As for anything else, those details shall remain undisclosed. You are a lady, after all.

Tell me something about you that we don’t learn from the book.

         Cat does describe me quite well, but there are a few details even she did not know:

(1) I am an accomplished swordsman and fairly decent lute player.
(2) I firmly believe that life is meant to be explored and savored.
(3) I am an appalling dancer. Cat mentions this, but she was spared knowing exactly how bad I am.


Sweet or salty?  Sweet
Beef or chicken?  Beef 
Blond or Brunette?  (~his lips turn up into a grin and it is obvious he is thinking of Cat~) Definitely brunette.
Brown eyes or Blue? (~shoots Valerie an amused look~) Brown.
Ocean or Mountains? There is much to admire about both, but if I have to choose, the mountains.
Day or Night? Night. The more memorable and enjoyable interludes always seem to happen at night.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell my readers?

         Only that I look forward to meeting you all within the pages of My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century.

Thanks so much for talking to me today. 

I bid you well, Signora Valerie.


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