Thursday, January 5, 2012

This is it! Clary FTW!

So it's the final battle for Clary from the Mortal Instruments in the YA Sisterhood Heroine Tourney!  I'm so excited that this is battle between Cassie's girls.  Not sure if she could have written it better.  To help you make this impossible choice, I've decided to share with you a recent twitter conversation as a way to convince you to VOTE Clary FTW.

Yeah, that's about it.  

And why should you vote for Clary over Tessa, well that's a tough one.  All these heroines are fabulous or they wouldn't be here.  I guess the best reason I have is that Clary deserves to rein with the best hero, her love Jace.  Since Jace is the reining hero, let's keep them a couple even here.

Don't forget to spread the word to vote for Clary you can enter to win SIGNED copies of ALL of Cassie's books.   You can also enter the Team Cassie giveaway with the same tweets.  Both giveaways are below.  There's is also a team Tessa button should you feel like you need to use it.

Even better, if Clary does win, then Cassie will post the Greenhouse scene from Jace's POV and I know you want that. 

Team Clary GIVEAWAY (Clary ONLY)

Team Cassie GIVEAWAY (Clary or Tessa)


  1. Clary FTW!! If it couldn't be Alex, I want it to be Clary!!

  2. I love the idea of the reigning couple. Clary has had my vote all along, and she's going to keep it ;)

  3. Wooot Wooooot #ClaryFTW!!!!!! It's almost over!! #Jace&Clary4eva!!!!!!