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Support Clary today & giveaway reminder

Clary has made it to the Fierce Four in the YA Sisterhood Heroine Tourney!
Today is the day to support her with lots and lots of votes.

Why Clary is a true heroine: We heard from Jace last time, so I thought maybe we could get a few more opinions from the other characters. 

She's tough. 

Isabelle: I have to admit, when I first met Clary I wasn't that impressed. She was just this mundane girl who could see us, breaking up my usual fighting pattern with my brothers. Later, when Jace told me she killed a Ravener, I didn't believe it. I thought she was too little and unimpressive, even though she had demon blood scars on her when he brought her in. Then I started to get it. She never backed down. There was never a situation where she was too scared. She fought even though she wasn't trained. She saved my life and my brother's life. She faced down Valentine. She faced down the Angel. She faced down death itself. She has feelings and she'll show them, but in the end, she'll put them aside to do what needs to be done. I get it now, that inside that little body there's a steel spine. 

She's loyal. 

Simon Lewis: Clary's incredibly loyal. She's been my best friend since first grade. Sometimes she'd drag me places I didn't want to go — like nightclubs — but she'd face off against anyone who ever had a bad word to say about me. She walked into a vampire-infested hotel in City of Bones, and on to a ship crawling with demons in City of Ashes, to save me. She'd walk through fire for me and I would for her. In City of Lost Souls we'll see just how far she'll go to save the ones she loves. 


She has a big heart. 

Alec: When I first met Clary, I couldn't stand her. Because of the way Jace looked at her. I was sure she was going to come between us in some destructive way. But then I watched her with the people she loved. I couldn't believe the way she risked herself for Simon — why would you do that for someone who wasn't your family, that you weren't in love with? I started to understand there were other kinds of love and loyalty. She risked everything to save my parabatai, and I can see how happy she makes him. If it was only that, I'd like her, but I like her anyway now, on her own terms. She taught me that love grows from itself: it's not a small thing that you can only give to one person. You can keep so very many people in your heart. 

She's smart. 

Magnus: I've been alive a long time. I like to think I have good instincts. I've always had a good instinct about Clary Fray. Sure, she can be reckless, that's the nature of heroes (Achilles was — man, the stories I could tell about HIM) — but she isn't unthinking. She does what she needs to do to get the job done. Breaking apart that ship in City of Ashes with a simple Open rune? That's thinking on your feet. The way she took down Valentine, literally with her hands tied? I always like to see a villain hoist by his own petard. And putting the Mark of Cain on Simon: she remembered one small thing I'd said, and turned it into an iron-clad defense of her best friend. Valentine always underestimated women, and in the end he underestimated his daughter and that was his downfall. 

She's forgiving. 

Jocelyn: From the time Clary was born, I was afraid that she'd be endangered by the supernatural world she didn't know about. I lied to her to protect her. I took her memories from her. When she found out the truth, she was angry, and I thought I might lose my daughter. But she's made mistakes and learned from them and she knows other people do too. She's forgiven me and she sticks by me, even if it means putting on a fancy bridesmaids dress she hates! 

She puts the welfare of others first. 

Luke: I like to think that I brought Clary up, even though I'm not her father. I think there was some part of Jocelyn that always worried that Clary would inherit Valentine's darkness, his selfishness. But Clary has always been clear-eyed about putting others before herself. Even when she does reckless things, it's to save other people. When she walked into the Dumont, it was to save Simon. When she Portaled herself to Idris, it's because she knew no one else could save her mother, even though she was risking her own safety and making the boy she loved very angry indeed. And she did save Jocelyn — she got the Book of the White. No one else could have done it. I don't know where she gets her inner strength but I like to think I had something to do with it. 

She never gives up. 

Raphael: Oh, the red-headed one? Trust me, you're better off giving her what she wants than not. She will keep bothering you until the end of time unless you don't. She annoys me so, especially since that whole Mark of Cain business. Argh! 

She's dangerous. 

Jonathan/Sebastian: My father always told me I had nothing to fear from my sister. He said she was weak, like all women are weak. That they need love too much. I listened to my father, and when I met my sister, I saw her through those eyes. I saw the love she had for all those around her, the sympathy, and I called it weakness. I never thought that just as I destroyed the towers of Alicante, as my father and I sowed the seeds of dissent within the ranks of the Shadowhunters, that she would bind them all back together with only a simple spell. I know better now. I won't underestimate my sister. She is smart and she is determined and she is strong. Like me. We have the same blood and only time will tell if she will be my greatest enemy, or the love of my life.

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Yep, I think they pretty much said it all.  
But I will add that there are incentives to VOTE for Clary today.  
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