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Violet (Spell Library #1) by Mia Harlan ~ Review

Violet (Spell Library, #1)Source: KindleUnlimited.

Violet (Spell Library #1) by Mia Harlan

Can I tell you a secret?

I'm a chameleon shifter...

...and I've spent the past year posing as my 80-year-old best friend.

No one can ever know what I really look like! Not even my three hot, fated mates:
- The sweetest bear shifter
- A seductive vampire mage
- And a hot troll cop who vows to protect me

If I can't keep my feelings for them hidden, my true identity will be discovered and I'll end up dead—or worse!

Violet is a paranormal reverse harem romance. It’s part of the Silver Springs shared universe.

Read this fun, quirky paranormal reverse harem romance today.

*Available through KindleUnlimited!*

I passed approximately nine million ads for this book on Facebook and every single time, the cover caught my eye. How could it not? We don't see elderly women on the covers of romance novels every day. Especially reverse harem romance novels. Finally, the nine million and one time I saw the ad, I downloaded the sample because I was curious. And then I downloaded the whole book through KU because I was interested--and it ended up being super fun!

The best thing this book has going for it is the premise. I love it. She's on the run/in hiding and is disguising herself as her elderly friend in a small town. A small town where she works as the librarian. And where she just so happens to meet her three mates. Who all think she's an old woman. It's awesome! So much potential! And for the most part, the book did good with executing it in a way I enjoyed.

The second best thing about Violet was the characters. Violet herself was interesting and funny, though a bit stubborn. All three of her mates were wonderful. And the pure sweetness of them all?? Hi, I'm here for it. And back to the characters--I liked Violet's friends, and her mates' family, and the other members of the town we met. 

Another great thing about Violet was that it didn't take itself too seriously. It's a book that's here to be fun and entertaining and sweet and that's what it delivers. It's not going to be shocking or a tearjerker or anything super intense. But you'll laugh and smile while reading it, and I loved it.

That said, the book wasn't perfect or a favorite. Mostly because I really, really wish there had been more character and relationship development. I highly enjoyed what we got, but imagine how much better Violet could have been if it'd been longer and we got to know the characters better and there was more time for all their relationships to develop? As it is now, it's kind of like bam-bam-bam, things happen-happen-happen. Which is nice for pacing I guess, but I wanted to get even more invested. I can't do that if we have two seconds to realize the characters are really mates and then oh no, he's storming out because *reasons*, and then something bad happens at work and then and then and then... This is a personal preference, obviously. I'm more character and relationship driven as a reader.

Overall, Violet was a fun reverse harem read with an interesting premise. It was easy to fly through, and I had a great time reading it. I'd definitely recommend to anyone looking for a quick, light RH read with some paranormal flare and small town charm.

4 stars - A fun & charming RH read!

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