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Sanctum (Blackwater Pack Series, #1) by Hannah McBride ~ Review

A survivor on the run

Barely escaping with her life, Skye Markham and her mother flee their sadistic pack and seek sanctuary within Blackwater. Against all odds, Skye tries to create a new life for herself. A life she thought only existed in dreams is now within reach.

An alpha with a pack to protect

Remy Holt has spent years guarding his pack - his family - from threats as the next alpha in line. When the Blackwater pack decides to help the Markhams, Skye becomes one of his own … In more ways than one, if his wolf has anything to say about it.

A bond unlike any other

As Skye and Remy’s lives collide, the shifter world starts to implode. Missing shifters, a dying population, and pack wars are causing their sanctuary to crumble around them. Skye thought she was finally safe … but maybe there’s no such thing.

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About the Author:

Hannah McBride has been many things in her life - a restaurant manager, a clinical research coordinator, a dreamer, a makeup brand ambassador, an event coordinator, a blogger, and more. But at heart, she's always been a writer, and in 2020 she decided to make it official with her first release, SANCTUM. 


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He shifted towards me. "This is all new to me, too, Skye."

A sobering thought crossed my mind. The one that had been plaguing me since the woods. "Do you want this, Remy?"

The corner of his mouth hitched up for a second as he looked at me. Slowly, he raised a hand, tracing the curve of my jaw. I shivered, remembering the feel of his hands stroking when I was a wolf.

This was so much better.

He inched even closer. His breath, minty and warm, fanned over my face. His eyes tracked the movements of his fingers hungrily.

"Yeah," he answered roughly, thickly. "I want this. I want you." He dipped his head and covered my mouth with his.

As far as first kisses went, I was pretty sure this was one for the record books. 

Fire ignited in me the second Remy's lips touched mine, soft but demanding all at once. His hands settled on my hips, pulling me closer. The smell of him from earlier in the evening, pine and soap and something that was entirely Remy, filled my senses. 

I was going to combust in the most exquisite ways.

His large hands almost spanned my waist, his fingers flexing against the soft material of my yoga pants. His tongue teased the seam of my lips until I opened my mouth on a gasp, letting him in.

I groaned as his tongue stroked mine, one hand sliding from my waist up my spine.

My hands had been clenched into fists on his chest, the fabric of his t-shirt bunched in my grip. I relaxed my hold now, letting my hands slide over the hard muscle and up around his neck, pressing my chest flush against his.

Now Remy groaned, changing the angle of his head to deepen the kiss.

Flames licked through my blood, and I was sure I was going to combust any second.

I was one hundred percent okay with death by kissing.

Full disclosure here.  Hannah McBride is a long time friend.  We have worked together with the Apollycon even for many years now.  She started writing this story and sending some of us a chapter at a time.  I would so love it when these chapters dropped but then I was nothing but a wining mess waiting for the next one.  Hannah will tell you, I was none to patient with her writing speed.  But it was an amazing experience to watch this story develop.  My review is my honest opinion of the final version of the story. 


My very favorite books are paranormal shifters.  And this one?  The strong characters captured my heart and the compelling story kept me turning the pages of this amazing debut read.  It's such a breath of fresh air to be so comfortable in a story so fast.   I wanted every detail and I wanted to kick some shifter hind end!  

I am a very character driven reader.  I have to care about them and believe they are real.  It became very clear, very quickly with Sanctum that I not only cared about these characters but I was now friends with them.  (Well not Cassian - him I wanted to kick).  Skye is a survivor.  She does what she has to do to get through a really horrible experience.  I'm so incredibly proud of her.  I get why she strikes out when she does.  And I was so very happy when she left Long Masa pack.  That's when we meet Remy.

Remy.  He is the very best book boyfriend.  Gorgeous and perceptive, he's perfect for Skye.  He's strong, a great leader and the protective streak he has going is just what Skye needs.  But he lets her stand on her own two feet.  I love them together.  I love the draw between them.  The bond.  It all came together with perfection.  What I love the most about these two and the plot of this book, is not they are a question mark but how they will work together to overcome the obstacles that drop before them.  It makes the story more about combined strength than couple angst.  I enjoy that a lot.

The story pulls the reader in quickly with Skye trying to avoid Cassian's advances in Long Masa.  Immediately, I am on Skye's side and I stay firmly there throughout the story.  The plot moves at a fast pace and had me turning pages wanting more.  The authors style is focused on the story she's telling.  I always had enough information but never felt bogged down in details.  That's a perfect balance.

This is a must read for paranormal book lovers.  It falls clearly in the above 17 age group.  Fans of Jaymin Eve and Audrey Grey will love this book.  Anyone who is looking for a great shifter book must make time for this one soon.


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