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Baby & the Late Night Howlers (Sweet Omegaverse #1) by Kathryn Moon ~ Review

Baby & the Late Night Howlers (Sweet Omegaverse #1)

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Baby & the Late Night Howlers (Sweet Omegaverse #1) by Kathryn Moon

Baby’s heat is coming…

After years of assuming she was a beta, discovering her omega designation in a biker bar surrounded by alphas isn’t exactly fulfilling any fantasies for Baby. She only wanted to get laid, not get knotted, bitten, and bonded. Now Baby’s entire life is about to turn upside down.

With the sexual frenzy of her heat on its way, she needs to find a pack, a nest, and alphas she can trust.

The Late Night Howlers have given up hope…

After years of waiting for an omega to choose them, this motorcycle club of alphas is ready to move on with their lives. Until one sweet woman takes a chance on them.

A rundown bar and apartment building is no place to spoil a new omega but the Howlers are determined to do right by Baby when she needs them. All they have to do is keep her satisfied while resisting the mouthwatering temptation to bite and bond her, permanently.

When a rival MC comes sniffing after Baby, her safety is put at risk and the Howlers may be torn apart forever.

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I came across this one the way I do many books these days--I kept seeing it recommended in Facebook threads and finally it caught my attention enough that I downloaded a sample and took a peek. Then I downloaded the whole book and let it take over my life because reading this was SUCH A GOOD DECISION.

Before now, I hadn't really read much of anything centered in an omegaverse. I knew what it was and I had looked at a little, but I'd never sat down to actually read an entire book. From what I'd seen, it was always a toss up of whether I'd like it enough to read the whole thing because of certain aspects of the world. THIS ONE, however, this world Kathryn Moon has carved out of the idea of an omegaverse is everything I could ask for and more. It's exactly what the series title says--a sweet omegaverse. I kind of think about it as omegaverse-lite. It's perfect for anyone who may be new to reading this type of book or who maybe find themselves not quite sure about how they feel about a full-on omegaverse. 

All this to say, I loved the world. I love the packs. I love the alphas devoted to their omegas. I love the bonds and true relationships that grow through it all. It was all so easy for me to fall in love with.

The characters are *chef's kiss.* Baby was reasonable and kind in the midst of a surprise situation that changed the entire course of her life. Seth was a sweetheart. Jonah...also a sweetheart, but more of a hardheaded one. And I so enjoyed getting to know and love the rest of Baby's alphas as the story progressed. And the pack in general--it was just all so GOOD.

The storyline was exactly my kind of thing. So basically what I'm trying to say here is that when I said I let this book take over my life, I meant it. I could barely take my eyes off this book. I FLEW through, reading it in every spare moment. 

That said, there was one teeny-tiny thing that I totally saw coming from a mile away, which I would have forgiven, but it kind of took the characters too long to see it, considering at least half of them were suspicious in the first place. This didn't take away from reading for me (as I'm sure you can tell since I've basically been gushing) but it made this book just short of perfect.

Overall, Baby & the Late Night Howlers was a pleasant surprise. I loved the world and the characters and the easy to love reverse harem romance that developed. I am 100% for sure jumping into the next book (which is Baby's best friend Lola's story) next!

4.5 stars - A sweet, pleasant surprise!

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