Monday, June 29, 2020

Flame by Donna Grant ~ Review

Flame is the next Dark Kings book in New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant's series.
If she believed in destiny, she would believe they were meant for each other.
But that fire was put out long ago. . .

Living among the Dragon Kings, Cain has spent lifetimes learning to distrust both mortals and Fae. He is a warrior born—and every instinct demands that he fight to keep his own kind safe. But when a fringe member of the Dark Fae contacts the Kings with an urgent warning, Cain is torn for the first time. How can he trust this beautiful creature when resisting his primal attraction to her is battle enough?

Noreen is horrified by what her kind and the malevolent Others are planning for the Dragon Kings. Dark Fae or not, there are lines she will not cross—even if it means risking her life. But she never imagined that she would risk her heart until she meets Cain. She wants him with a soul-deep desire that frightens her…and endangers them both. Is saying goodbye to everything Noreen has ever known worth a love that will span time and realms?

Available 6/30/20 from St. Martin's Press

I fell in love with the Dark Kings series and have devoured every one of them.  Then I went back and read the series that came before it and all the other spin-offs.  Of course, I devoured this one.  I so enjoyed Cain and Noreen's story.

I admit to be unhappy about this being the next to the last in the series.  I do hope more spin-offs happen in the world.  I enjoy it too much to leave it.  At least there is rereading that can take me back here.

This book has the same great writing as you'd expect from Donna Grant.  I enjoy her little twists and turns.  This one had a few more than normal.  Lots of little details coming out about things I have wondered and guessed at for quite a while.  One I guessed correctly, one I was stunned at and some that I hadn't considered.  The really incredible thing about this author is how she can turn the series on a dime and make you rethink things that have happened in previous books.  This is one of those books.  I enjoy that about this series.

As for Cain and Noreen, they are an unusual pairing.  I won't give a thing away, but I will say that Noreen is dark fae.  Yeah, don't expect that knowing that tells you one thing about Noreen because it doesn't.  Every time I think I had her figured out, a twist changed my perspective.  It definitely makes you realize that you shouldn't judge anyone.  Besides not knowing where they came from, you have know idea what they've been through.  I like that.

I read this several months before release and when I finished I just paced.  I wanted the next one even though that's the ending.  I need more.  I also want another reaper story.  There is one in particular that I want.  If I could make a request, I would but I have a feeling it's going to happen.  That's all I'll say about that.

Of course you will want to read this if you've a Dark Kings fan.  I wouldn't jump into this book if you haven't read the main books in the series.  But it's a good excuse to start this series.  I read it before any of the other spin offs and fell in love.  Romance, magic, dragons, fae, and more - who could ask for more.  Not this reader.


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