Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Billionaires On The Beach ~ Excerpt & Giveaway

Billionaires on the Beach: A Sweet Billionaire Romance Boxset
Published by: Enchanted Quill Press
Publication date: June 1st 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Sink your teeth into this addictive anthology of gorgeous Billionaires finding true love on the beach.
Billionaires on the Beach is a limited collection of stories from clean and wholesome authors.
Packed with adorable meet-cutes, swoon-worthy romance and so many happily ever afters, you’ll be left beaming ear to ear by the end.
This collection includes:
Forbidden romance
Secret Babies
Fake marriages
Second Chances
Enemies to lovers
Sun, sea and sand
And many heart-soaring dates!
This anthology is the perfect staycation for readers who enjoy sweet and clean Billionaire romances. Only available for a limited time. Scroll up and one click now to get started.

“The Billionaire’s Nanny” by Laura Burton

Benjamin’s smile turned to a look of horror as she waved her phone at him.
“I’ve followed you on Instagram.”
Benjamin dragged a hand through his messy hair and looked away with a sheepish smile.
“Ah. You found me, then.” He stooped down and picked Maggie up in his arms. She cuddled into him, wrapping her arms around his neck.
“Benjy,” she said in a baby voice. The sight made Krista melt inside.
“You were right. You are fun.”
And insanely sexy, she added silently with a smirk.
“Well, you might notice I haven’t posted for a month,” he pointed at her phone as he bobbed Maggie up and down. Krista got to her feet and patted the sand off her legs.
“Well, I’m sure your 1.2 million followers miss you. Let me take a picture of you with Maggie.”
Krista positioned her phone up to capture a picture of Benjamin stooping his head low against Maggie’s brow. She looked up at him with big eyes and her hand touched his cheek. The two of them were perfectly framed by the sunset and glowed dark against the ocean.
“Your followers will die when they see this.”

“My Real Life Time Out” by Rimmy London

“The way you navigate the world around you—the way you care for it. There’s something so genuine about you that makes me want to be more. I love being around you. Everything about you.”
He paused to take a shaky breath. “I just wanted to tell you now instead of pretending I didn’t feel anything…because I do.”
His gaze was tentative, vulnerable and so unusually insecure. He’d said the perfect words, all smothered in simmering glances like butter.

“I Never Told You” by Jessie Cal

Jess finally shoved the last piece of her s’more into her mouth. “I think it’s time to call it a night,” she said with her mouth full, and his heart ached a bit. Thoughts of holding her in his arms and watching the night sky flooded his mind, and he shook his head like shaking off a spell.
“Do you need help getting Bill’s grandkids in the tent?” he offered, standing with her.
“That would be great.” She squeezed his arm as a thankful gesture, and he forced himself to ignore the electricity that came with her touch. “If you can carry Zach, I’ll pick up little Cole.”
Even in the way she dragged her feet, he could tell she was tired. His mind suddenly conjured an image of him pulling her into a comforting embrace, but he pushed it aside.
After laying the last boy down inside the tent, he stepped out only to find himself standing in front of her again.
“Thank you.” She let out a tired sigh. “You must be exhausted.”
“I enjoyed every minute of it, though,” he said, flashing her a soft smile. “Minus the shark incident, of course.”
She blurted out a laugh then covered her mouth so as not to wake the kids. “Really? Cause that was the highlight of my day.”
“You’re mean.”
She stifled another laugh. “Good night, Logan.” She leaned in and wrapped him in a hug. Her hair smelled like salt water which was oddly comforting. When she pulled back, he grabbed her hand. He had no idea why, or what he would say. And she was looking at him, waiting for an explanation, but he didn’t have one. He simply wanted to hold her hand.
No, that wasn’t true. That wasn’t all he wanted.
He opened his mouth to speak, to tell her about all the crazy flutters he’d been feeling in the pit of his stomach all night, but then she looked down at their fingers laced together, and he no longer knew what to say. What was she thinking? Did she like the way it felt as much as he did? Should he just pull her into his arms and kiss her?
“I think being on this island is messing with our heads,” she whispered, slipping her hand out of his and pulling away. “Good night, Logan.”
And there was his heart again, racing at the sound of her saying his name. “Good night, Jess.”


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