Monday, February 11, 2019

A Shifter Christmas Carol by Jennifer Ashley ~ Review

Dylan Morrissey forgoes the Shifters’ traditional Yule celebration, to his family’s dismay. Instead, he joins Ben at the haunted house in New Orleans, planning to meet with potential, if dangerous, allies in the Shifters’ constant struggle for freedom.

But the sentient house has other ideas. Dylan wakes up—or rather doesn’t—unable to move or speak, and is taken on a journey to the past, present, and future.

Ben, Zander, and Tiger are his guides, but is what they are showing him truth?

Return to Shiftertown for a Shifters Unbound take on a classic Christmas tale!

Okay, yeah, it's not Christmas but I'm so glad I ran across this little novella, that I missed in December, from a favorite series.

While it's not really decked in all the trimmings at all, it's definitely a kin to The Christmas Carol.  I LOVE the part the house plays in this tale.  Yeah, the house is definitely a character in this series.  And no one could be a better scrooge than Dylan, not that he's selfish or miserly in any way.  But he does seem to think he needs to do things his way all the time.  He likes to go off on his own and save the day.  We all need our family, our pack.  He just needed to learn how much he needed his.

I loved that there were appearances from some of my favorites in this one.  Ben, I really hope he gets his own book soon.  I adore Tiger and can never get enough of him.  And then Zander, an amazing polar bear shifter, is another favorite.  They make the perfect three ghosts.

I devoured this book and paced around wanting more.  I had to go check the authors website to see if there was info on the next book.  I will be stalking her to know more because this is a favorite series that I will always want to read.


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