Friday, December 14, 2018

Wolf Tamer by Yumoyori Wilson ~ Excerpt & Giveaway

Wolf Tamer 
Yumoyori Wilson 
(Claiming My Pack #1)
Publication date: October 6th 2018
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

An Orphan Girl. A Group of Wolves. A Destined Fate for War.
Don’t you ever wish to find where you belong? A place where you can rest your head without worrying about being jumped or your possessions being taken from you? Not like I had much, to say the least.
A pendant, an ancient blade, and a picture of my murdered family were all I had left when I was five years old. Foster homes to homeless shelters, I never found a place of refuge. I simply didn’t belong, and everyone made it their duty to remind me of my predicament. Until I finally came across a place that felt like home.
Sacred Moon Shelter for Endangered Wolves. I’d stumbled upon the sanctuary when I was near death, but I was miraculously saved.
Since then, I’ve become a Wolf Tamer; the only one who can get close to touching the six rare breeds. When I’m with them, I feel safe and sometimes wish I could be like one of them and escape this cruel world.
But such inhumanity strikes home, a group of hunters shows up, ready to take my wolves to an unknown place or murder them in cold blood. I won’t allow them to kill the only true family I’d ever known.
My name is Harper Blake, and I vow to claim and protect my own.
Wolf Tamer is a new Wolf Shifter Reverse Harem Romance. Recommended for 18+ Audiences.


"This is why books like Twilight make money."
"It was a pretty good book though." I grinned, and he chuckled.
"Stop hurting Wolfie’s and my feelings."
I giggled, turning back to rest against him. His hands wrapped a bit tighter around my waist, and I had to take a deep breath to calm down. I didn't know how to explain how I felt right now, but a part of me was really enjoying it.
"Okay, so if the moon directs everyone to have a mate and nothing is really a coincidence, can someone have more than one mate?"
"But what if the girl finds Guy A first and they marry? Then, later on, finds Guy B?"
"It's her choice to stick with A, go to B, or keep both."
"She can't date both of them."
"Why not?"
"Um...that's not allowed," I pointed out, turning my body slightly to comfortably meet his pondering gaze.
"Says who?"
"Books? Religion? The Bible?" I shrugged, not really understanding if there was a rule against a guy or girl having more than one lover.
"There's nothing wrong with having more than one mate as a Shifter. It's humans who try and regulate people from loving more than one person. Shifters, however, practically have to be able to have more than one mate."
"The male to female ratio is off. There are way more male wolf shifters than female. To even have a female Alpha is almost impossible."
"Alpha? I haven't really read up on the whole ranking thing," I admitted. Ian said it was my homework, but I disliked reading things when I was told to. I'd rather be interested in it and dive right into the information as I had done with this whole mate topic.
"Alpha wolf is basically the leader of the pack. To find an Alpha female is extremely rare. There are Beta's who are like second in commands, and it can move down the ranks to submissive. Sadly, there are a lot of submissive wolf shifters who are female."
"That's disappointing?"
"To me, yes."
He blushed a little and glanced away. "I don't want a mate who can't fight back on topics and debates. That's just boring."

Author Bio:
Yumoyori Wilson is from Toronto, Ontario. She's a Full-time author who loves to write many different genres. On her down time, she bothers her Mom and likes to drink bubbletea while reading and playing video games.