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Gron's Fated (Ruth & Gron #2) by V.C. Lancaster ~ Review

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Gron's Fated (Ruth & Gron #2) by V.C. Lancaster

Ruth and Gron have finally arrived on his home planet after falling in love when they were both abducted. But that doesn't mean their problems are over. Now they have to deal with Gron's family, and how Ruth can fulfill her role as a Queen in his society when she can't understand anything anyone says! With Gron's Alpha, mother, brother, and best friend all getting involved, the strain begins to take a toll on his and Ruth's relationship...

Ruth is just trying to make the best of a bad situation in her new jungle home with her mate, but Gron finds himself getting jealous now he doesn't have Ruth to himself anymore, though he knows a male can't expect to hold all his Queen's attention. He has to decide whether he can put his own happiness before Ruth's safety, or whether he has to sacrifice his heart to protect her.

After reading Ruth's Bonded, I was curious enough to pick up book 2 but not exactly excited for it. So mostly my expectations were nonexistent--something I hoped would work in Gron's Fated's favor. Unfortunately, this second installment wasn't an improvement on the first.

On the bright side of things, Gron's Fated was largely from Gron's POV. It was interesting getting to learn about his culture and actually witness some INTERACTION throughout the story. And the addition of more characters than just Gron and Ruth was nice, too.

That said, this novel continues an issue I had with the first one: neither Gron nor Ruth put forth much effort of learning to truly communicate. I understand that they love each other regardless and clearly get on well enough...but why would they not want to improve their situation by learning more? They don't even really TRY. So Ruth barely knows what's going on most of the time, and Gron is hoping she catches on. It makes things more difficult than they have to be.

Another downside to this one was just the fact that it was kind of a drag. It was interesting at first, but once things got going and it became pretty clear how things would turn out (i.e. with little to no true development between the characters), it got harder to want to continue reading. In the end, I was feeling solidly meh.

Overall, Gron's Fated was unfortunately more of a drag than a joy to read. There were some solidly good aspects, but those were overshadowed by the lack of development. Yet again, however, I am curious enough to continue the series. Maybe some different characters will revive the series for me? Fingers crossed!

2 stars - Solidly meh for me.

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