Friday, February 9, 2018

Say You'll Remember Me by Katie McGarry ~ Review

About Say You’ll Remember Me

  • Hardcover: 464 pages
  • Publisher: Harlequin Teen (January 30, 2018)
Doesn’t matter who did it. Not anymore. I did the time. It’s over.”
When Drix was convicted of a crime—one he didn’t commit—he thought his life was over. But opportunity came with the Second Chance Program, the governor’s newest pet project to get delinquents off the streets, rehabilitated and back into society. Drix knows this is his chance to get his life back on track, even if it means being paraded in front of reporters for a while.
Elle knows she lives a life of privilege. As the governor’s daughter, she can open doors with her name alone. But the expectations and pressure to be someone she isn’t may be too much to handle. She wants to follow her own path, whatever that means.
When Drix and Elle meet, their connection is immediate, but so are their problems. Drix is not the type of boy Elle’s parents have in mind for her, and Elle is not the kind of girl who can understand Drix’s messy life.
But sometimes love can breach all barriers.
Fighting against a society that can’t imagine them together, Drix and Elle must push themselves—Drix to confront the truth of the robbery, and Elle to assert her independence—and each other to finally get what they deserve.
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About Katie McGarry

Katie was a teenager during the age of grunge and boy bands and remembers those years as the best and worst of her life. She is a lover of music, happy endings, reality television, and is a secret University of Kentucky basketball fan.
She is the author of the Pushing the Limits and Thunder Road series. Say You’ll Remember Me will be released in 2018.
Katie loves to hear from her readers.

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I love reading this authors books.  They are always more than the sum of their parts.  It's YA contemporary romance but there always so much more than that.  And this book is no exception.

Life is always more complicated than two teens meeting and falling in love.  There's perceptions of what it's like to be the Governors daughter or that being convicted of a crime means you're guilty.  Just like when when someone judges you based on what they see and not what is.  So real.  

Drix is trying to figure out his life now.  Who betrayed him?  Can he take the second chance he's been given and make a better life?  But what he'd really like to do is spend more time with Elle.  And Elle?  She wants very much to be who she is instead of what the focus groups think she should be.  Follow her dreams and not just do what her parents what her to do.  Instead she's sneaking time with Drix because she likes spending time with him.

Real.  Raw.  Things anyone can relate to on some level.  And the emotions?  They draw you in and wring you dry.  Because these characters live and breath on these pages.  And you cheer for them.  You hope for them.  You cry for them.  And you want to crawl in the pages and help them.  Find a way to make things better.  Because this book goes down that road of not being able to see any hope.  Tears.  But not hope.  Yet there is hope. 

Of course it's all worth it.  Drix and Elle are worth it.  I love their attraction to each other and their sweet relationship.  And a second chance.  A chance to find who you are.  Who you want to be with.  Both Drix and Elle are strong characters that I love.  I love who they became and who they are together.

The writing is wonderful.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  It was emotional.  And there is a part where a certain drunk guy (not our Drix) needs to get drop kicked into the river he thinks to leave things in.  I wanted to smash him.  Yes, my emotions were very much involved with this one.

If you enjoy those stories where the teens are trying to figure themselves out and just need some freedom to be who they are, then this story is one you should definitely pick up soon! 



  1. I loved this book! That end broke me inside a little bit but it was such a good read. Great review!