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Destiny Be Damned (Last Hope #3) by Rebecca Royce

Destiny Be Damned (Last Hope Book 3)Source: e-ARC provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Destiny Be Damned (Last Hope #3) by Rebecca Royce

It is the end of days…

With no memory of how she left one existence for another, Mika spends her days serving those who need her without the benefit of guards. Unlike her fellow Sisters she was never in love with any of those who ever worked with her. Until five contractors show up to fix the Sisterhood.

They are not battle ready…

Neil, Wayne, Gordon, Ren, and Lennon are not trained guards. They have no idea that their destiny is to be with Mika, far away from the island paradise where they were raised. But when she needs them, they will discover what they were born to do and awaken a destiny in Mika that will change the world forever.

This year has been a year full of me reading what I want when I want. Which basically means taking the time to binge read authors I love whenever I feel the desire. Part of that is consuming everything I can by Rebecca Royce the moment it lands in my inbox -- the Last Hope series included. So I received Destiny Be Damned last week and dove into it right away. Due to school, I only just finished the book yesterday but y'all -- I LOVED IT.

Destiny Be Damned is Mika's story. She has a whole heck of a lot on her plate. She needs to find her Guards; she needs to teach some young girls about being Sisters; she needs to figure out what her specific path as a Sister is supposed to be. And I think Mika is my favorite heroine of the Last Hope series yet, because she is so very strong and straight up amazing. The way she dealt with everything, so level headed and capable...I am a huge fan.

I, of course, adored her Guards too. Even before they stepped up to do what they were supposed to be, they proved to be total sweethearts. I enjoyed getting to know them, and I LOVED them and Mika getting to know each other. That's one huge thing I liked about this installment in the Last Hope series in particular -- Mika and her men didn't know each other before they meet in the book (well, not in this lifetime, anyway), so we get to see their relationship form. We get the integral moments where they fall for each other and their relationships bloom. It was perfect.

As for the overall plot, Rebecca Royce has written another unputdownable novel to continue the Last Hope storyline. It's awesome seeing how each woman's story fits with the others. The entire series is shaping up to be something magnificent, and I'm loving every moment of it.

Overall, Destiny Be Damned is now my favorite installment in Rebecca Royce's Last Hope series! I loved these characters, and I am so looking forward to getting glimpses of them in the next books -- and I can't wait to see where the story as a whole goes from here!

5 stars - My favorite Last Hope installment so far!

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