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Broken Compass by Jaymin Eve ~ Review

Broken Compass is a spinoff within the Supernatural Prison World. Told in dual POVs from Maximus Compass and Mischa Lebron. This is full length and standalone. You do not need to read the Supernatural Prison trilogy first.

Maximus Compass is a vampire without direction. Without heart. And without soul. He lost his true mate in the great battle against the dragon king, and now must face life alone.

And yet … something is happening to his agony. It’s fading away, leaving him with barely a memory of the female he believed to be his one and only.
As his mind clears he starts to wonder if the mate bond had been nothing more than a manufactured ploy? This suspicion explodes within him right around the time he runs back into a certain wolf shifter.

Mischa Lebron is a complication he doesn’t need in his life. He can’t erase her from his mind though, and while memories of his supposed true mate continue to fade into mere shadows, his one night with Mischa is blazingly strong. But they’re not of the same supernatural race, so there’s no way for a a true bond to exist between them.


When an old threat rips apart their pack, Maximus will come to realize that he would do anything to save Mischa. That the mate he thought was perfect and precious was nothing on the shifter he walked away from. Now Maximus truly has everything to lose.

I have loved all of the books from the Supernatural prison series and I think I loved this one just a little bit more.

First, this book can be read as a stand alone.  There is enough detail from the previous events that you won't have an issue understanding what's going on.  That being said,  but why? WHY?  The series this spins off from is totally worth the time to devour it first.

On to this book.  I think what I loved best about this book was the dual point of view.  The first three books were totally from Jessa point of view.  This book goes back and forth between Max and Mischa.  That was a big change and I think it was brilliant.  I enjoyed it just that little bit more that brought it to a 5 star book for me.

I love this world that Jaymin Eve has created.  I love how it is a mix of all the supernatural races all trying to get along.  I love that there are power hungry sups that make that world a mess just like happens in our world.  When a paranormal world parallels the real world, it becomes very very interesting. This world does that.

I have already fallen for these characters from the precious books but I would really love Max even if I'd just met him in this book.  He experienced something that is truly horrible.  I felt for him.  I cried with him.  And I wanted to hold him.  He beats himself up a lot in this book.  It's his protective side that failed to see and protect that he's upset about.  I love him for it even though I forgave him.

I love how Mischa comes into her own personality in this book.  During the first three books, I wasn't sure I even liked her.  She seemed weak and made some pretty bad mistakes.  But in this book we get caught up on what was going through her head and how those things went down.  It's always better to have the whole story.  And strong?  There girl is seriously strong.  Her sister has nothing on this girl.

Of course, I still love Braxton and Jess, the other boys and Luis.  Jonathon did some redeeming in my eyes and I finally get Mischa's mom.  Yeah, I didn't like her much but I get her now.  That's one thing that makes these characters real.  They do make bad choices at time but when you stand in their shoes you get perspective, you see their why.  Then it makes sense.  An important lesson for anyone.

As for the story?  Loved it.  Something I've finally noticed about this author is her ability to resolve the couple problem before and away from the actual climax of the story.  I really don't like books that make you wait till the bitter end of book for the couple to figure things out and then it ends.  I like to see the couple together, being a couple.  And I like it even more when they work together to resolve this problems they both face.  That's what this author is a master at doing.  Again I am reminded of JLA books.  And if you know me?  That's some very high praise right there.

Really you need to read this whole series and this spin off.  Anyone who enjoys a good paranormal romance needs to gets these in their library and then move them to the top of the TBR list!




Dark blue eyes followed my movements, and Braxton's concern was barely concealed. He was shrewdly watching me, but every now and then his eyes would dart back to his brother.

I wanted to ask them what they were fighting about, but instead decided to act like it was normal. No big deal. Which for supes, it probably was.

Needing some relief from the tension I moved closer to Braxton and murmured: "Jessa is out of cake."

Which was our code for, “Jessa is out of cake, get her some freaking cake, she's actually going to kill someone if she doesn’t get some cake.”

The dragon shifter's eyes widened and a tendril of what looked like panic fluttered across the dark depths. I could see he was torn about leaving straight away to find his mate, but in the end he remained where it was. He must have decided he couldn't leave me with Maximus, in his current state of mega-pissed vampire.

Before I could think up anything else as a distraction, the furious vampire super-speeded toward me and suddenly I couldn’t ignore Maximus Compass any longer. I lost my breath as he towered over me. His broad shoulders filled the space, and his presence sucked all remaining oxygen from around me. I worked extra hard to keep a calm face.

Maximus’ hands twitched at his side as he finally growled out. “Who do I need to kill? Whose baby is this, Mischa?”
The whole series plus spin-offs

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