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Violet Grenade by Victoria Scott ~ Excerpt & SALE

Hi, friends! Violet Grenade by Victoria Scott is currently on SALE for $0.99!! This book is a super well written psychological suspense that I highly recommend -- and is honestly one of my favorite books. So snatch it up while it's on sale! Check out more about the book below, along with an awesome excerpt! :) -Jess 

Violet GrenadeDomino: A runaway with blood on her hands.

Cain: A silent boy about to explode.

Madam Karina: A woman who demands obedience.

Wilson: The one who will destroy them all.

When Madam Karina discovers Domino in an alleyway, she offers her a position at her girls’ home in secluded West Texas. With no alternatives and an agenda of her own, Domino accepts. It isn’t long before she is fighting her way up the ranks to gain the madam’s approval…and falling for Cain, the mysterious boy living in the basement.

But the madam has horrible secrets. So do the girls in the house. So does Cain.

Escaping is harder than Domino expects, though, because the madam doesn’t like to lose inventory. But then, Madam Karina doesn’t know about the danger living inside Domino’s mind.

Madam Karina doesn’t know about Wilson.

**ON SALE for $0.99!!**


He lights a cigarette and we watch the Lilies’ and Violets’ guesthouses. I think about Lola, wonder what she’s doing in there. Question why I care. Then I look at Madam Karina’s empty flowerbed. Wonder how often she prayed for her mother to give her a fistful of violets and say she was worthy. As worthy as her sister who moved to Detroit and opened her own business.
I turn to Cain. I’ve got a bombshell question up my sleeve that I’m ready to toss into open water, take cover and wait for the salty sting. “Why do you work for Madam Karina?”
His cigarette is halfway to his mouth when my question hits him square between the eyes. He doesn’t bring the cigarette any farther. It just sits there, wrinkled, crumbling ashes onto his lap. “What do you mean? It’s a job.”
“Does she pay you?”
“That’s a pretty personal question.”
My teeth snap together. “Well, let’s try being personal for once. We’ve done enough tiptoeing.”
“You don’t want to know why I’m here, Domino. If you did, you wouldn’t want anything to do with me.”
I shoot to my feet, and my head spins. Whatever Jack put in my drink takes full effect. Cain must see how dizzy I am because he stands, too, flicks his cigarette toward the ashtray, doesn’t get anywhere near it. “What’s wrong with you?”
I put a palm flat against my forehead. “Just answer my question. I need someone to be straight with me. Just one person.”
“Well, that person isn’t going to be me.”
I spin on him and close the distance between us. “Then why are you doing this? Why come out here with me? Why try to protect me?” I point a finger at him. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed the little things you’ve done. And don’t kid yourself into thinking I need protecting.”
Cain lowers his head. “Back away, Domino.”
“Why? What happens if I push?” I shove him in the chest. I don’t know why I’m antagonizing him. Because of the champagne and drugs, maybe. Because I’m afraid of getting too close, most likely. Better to scare people off than to be left again. I grab Cain’s shirt and lean in, so close I can feel the warmth of his body. “Never mind pushing. It’s the pulling that scares you most, isn’t it?”
Cain’s hands are suddenly on my waist. He hoists me up and spins me around. My back presses against the cool clapboard wall, and he slams his hands on either side of my body, pinning me between the house and his massive frame. He brings his lips to my ear and a low rumble sounds in his throat. “You want to know my secret? Here it is. I’m dangerous. I’m a fault line beneath your feet. An asteroid barreling toward the earth. A bomb fuse begging to burn.” His lips brush my skin, and I shiver. “Just light a match, Domino, and watch me explode.”

About the Author...

Victoria Scott is the acclaimed author of eight books for young adults. Her novels are sold in fourteen different countries, and she loves receiving fan mail from across the world. Victoria loves high fashion, big cities, and pink cotton candy. You can find her online at

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