Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Vatican Princess by C.W. Gortner ~ A Stuck In Books Giveaway

Val's books are stacking up again!

Giveaway time!

For fans of Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir, a gripping novel that follows the extraordinary life of young Lucrezia Borgia, the legendary Renaissance Pope Alexander’s beautiful daughter. Was she the heartless seductress of legend? Or merely an unsuspecting pawn in a familial web, forced to choose between loyalty and her own survival?

Glamorous and predatory, the Borgias became Italy’s most ruthless and powerful family, electrifying and terrorizing their 15th-century Renaissance world.

To this day, Lucrezia Borgia is known as one of history’s most notorious villainesses, accused of incest and luring men to doom with her arsenal of poison.

International bestselling author C.W. Gortner’s new novel delves beyond the myth to depict Lucrezia in her own voice, from her pampered childhood in the palaces of Rome to her ill-fated, scandalous arranged marriages and complex relationship with her adored father and her rival brothers—brutal Juan and enigmatic Cesare.

This is the dramatic, untold story of a papal princess who came of age in an era of savage intrigue and unparalleled splendor, and whose courage led her to overcome the fate imposed on her by her Borgia blood.

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  1. All of them the best in their own way.

  2. The best book I read this year, so far, was "The Guests on South Battery" by Karen White.

  3. The best book I read this year, so far, was "The Guests on South Battery" by Karen White.

  4. Looking at the post title ;) looks like Lucrezia herself wrote it - did a bit of a double take!

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    2. Sorry about that. I fixed it.

  5. Best book this year, so far, was Terms of an Engagement by Suzanne Enoch.

  6. Me before you!


  7. Best book I have read this year was Through Streets Broad and Narrow by Gemma Jackson.