Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Stuck In Books Giveaway ~ The End of Temperance Dare by Wendy Webb

Haunting and atmospheric, The End of Temperance Dare is another thrilling page-turner from the author reviewers are calling the Queen of the Northern Gothic.

When Eleanor Harper becomes the director of a renowned artists’ retreat, she knows nothing of Cliffside Manor’s dark past as a tuberculosis sanatorium, a “waiting room for death.” After years of covering murder and violence as a crime reporter, Eleanor hopes that being around artists and writers in this new job will be a peaceful retreat for her as much as for them.

But from her first fog-filled moments on the manor’s grounds, Eleanor is seized by a sense of impending doom and realizes there’s more to the institution than its reputation of being a haven for creativity. After the arrival of the new fellows―including the intriguing, handsome photographer Richard Banks―she begins to suspect that her predecessor chose the group with a dangerous purpose in mind. As the chilling mysteries of Cliffside Manor unravel and the eerie sins of the past are exposed, Eleanor must fight to save the fellows—and herself—from sinister forces.


  1. I do enjoy horror and gothic novels.

  2. I do enjoy horror and gothic novels.

  3. I love horror! Give me a spooky movie and a big bowl of popcorn and I'll redecorate the carpet every time.

  4. I love horror. This one sounds excellent!

  5. I like mild horror...nothing too gory.