Monday, June 26, 2017

Sweet Cheeks by K. Bromberg ~ Review

Source: Purchased the audio book.

An all new second chance love story by the New York Times Bestselling author of the Driven series.

It all started with the invitation. To my ex-fiance’s newwedding.

I should have ignored it.Thrown it away. Set it afire. But I didn’t.I replied.

With a plus one.

And then my assistant accidentally mailed it.

Enter Hayes Whitley. Mega-movie star. The man who has captured the hearts of millions. But I gave him mine years ago. He was my first love. He was my everything. Right until he up and left to chase his dreams without so much as a simple goodbye.

When he showed up out of the blue ten years later, I should have known to steer clear. I should have rejected his offer to take me to my ex’s wedding. I should have never let him kiss me.

But I didn’t.

And now we’re left wondering if the pieces of the life we once shared still fit together somehow. First loves are hard to forget. The question is, do we want to forget? Or do we risk the chance and see what happens next?

This book!  I adore this book.  It's perfection with the sexiest side of yum!

I listened to the audio book on my morning walks and let me tell you, I was excited to go on my walks!  Both Andi Arndt and Sebastian York do an incredible job with these characters.  They really brought them to life for me and I completely enjoyed the experience.

These characters are so real to me and I fell for both of them.  It's easy to get on board with Saylor.  She's just been sent an invitation to her ex's wedding - the exact same invitation she had painstakingly picked out for their wedding invitations.  A joke?  Yeah, no.  She's working herself ragged trying to keep her business afloat and is mostly sure she made the right decision to end things with Mitch.  But enter the wealthy ex's family playing games with her customers and her high school boyfriend that left for Hollywood and never came back - yeah things are complicated.  And that's just what makes this one real.  Life is complicated.  Saylor is doing the best she can and I really like her.

Now Hayes had to win my heart.  He's the boy, her high school sweetheart, that left her without a word after graduation and made it big without looking back.  Yeah, I wanted to scratch his eyes out.  He could have at least said goodbye.  But I hated Mitch, the man she left right before their wedding.  The golf boy who didn't really want Say so much as a trophy wife.  I didn't like his lack of a fight when she left him.  I didn't like his finding a replacement bride after only 8 months.  I didn't like how he handled himself ever.  So when Hayes protects Saylor his debt begins to be paid.

This is definitely a second chance romance but it has a tiny bit of pretending added in for good measure.  I adore that trope so I was all on board.  And can I just say that as far as the set-up for the pretense?  One of the best I've ever seen.  Totally believable.  And once you're pretending, there's always this kiss that has to happen for show.  Only it turns into more.  And this kiss?  Oh my, this kiss was perfection.  Let's just say that grudge it out has a whole new meaning, a hashtag and some serious smiles attached to it.

Lots of romance books play out in a predictable fashion - fall for each other (possible again), become invested, have some conflict that messes everything up to the point of no hope and then some wonderful grand gesture that fixes things in the end.  What I really liked about this book was how outside the box it was from that formula.  No spoilers from me.  Read it yourself - you will thank me.  But I'll just say that Hayes won my heart and that I smiled and laughed out loud a lot while listening to this one.

Four and sugar on the counter top, cupcake frosting, golf courses, thunderstorms, twitter flirting and text messages will all forever remind me of the joy that is reading this book!

This one is some of the good stuff, more than a good read, more than a great read; This one is an amazing read that I just want to read all over again. 


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  1. I love second chance romances and throw in some pretending and I neeed. This sounds so good!