Monday, June 12, 2017

I'm Not in the Band by Amber Garza ~ Review

Source:  Received copy from publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I like Kassidy Milton. There, I said it. She’s funny, beautiful—even though she doesn’t know it—and my favorite kind of weird. But I can’t tell if she’s into me or just trying to get close to me for a chance with my famous twin brother instead. I mean, it has to be me. I am the better-looking one.

But Kassidy has some demons, and she’s not good at letting people in. That happens when you’ve been hurt by someone close to you. I can relate. Trust is a funny thing; it’s hard to gain but easy to lose. I might just learn that the hard way.

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I loved this book.  It's the perfect blend of fun, sweet and sexy for a YA book.  It's definitely worth the time it takes to devour it!

I love these characters.  Kass has just gone through some type of crisis at her old private school and has moved to the public school.  We don't learn too much about it besides her wanting to avoid old friends and a panic attack.  I like her even though there is some mystery of why's.  She's trying new things and making new friends.  She has a sense of doing what's right about her and cares about people.  She runs every morning and is seeming to deal with her issues.  But there is a powerful fear that holds her and we don't learn the truth of all of it till the very end.  And I was surprised by that truth.  It wasn't what I was expecting at all.  And that just doesn't happen a lot to me.  So yay!

I loved Archer so much.  His twin is an up and coming rock star and he's learned that most girls are using him to get to his brother.  His issues are a lot more transparent than Kassidy's but they still needed to be resolved.  I like that he was caring and he like Kass for who she was.  The girls that kept trying to get his attention just didn't have a chance.  He let it all just roll of him.  And I loved his social media presence.  The book is dual point of view but we only see Archer from his social media posts and his texts.  He's close with his brother despite the girl issues.  And the boy has a ripped chest!

The story is great.  These two both have issues to resolve and a senior year to survive.  They go together like summer and flip flops.  What was best about this very fast read was how things played out.  The issue between them is authentically teen and resolution feels genuine.  I just kept smiling as I read.  It was enjoyable and entertaining.

Great summer read for teens and adults alike, I really enjoyed this one.


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  1. This sounds like a great summer read! These two sound adorable and the social media aspect of the book sounds really cool. Great review!