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Haunted Redemption (The Cascade #1) by Rebecca Royce

Haunted Redemption (The Cascade #1)Source: Purchased.

Haunted Redemption (The Cascade #1) by Rebecca Royce

What's more terrifying...
What you can't see,
Or what you can't remember?

Since her divorce, Kendall Madison has been in over her head. Between trying to make ends meet, raising three kids, and hunting ghosts,
Kendall just can't seem to find balance in her life. When she finally lands a job right up her alley, she hopes it’s a sign for better things
to come. She couldn't be more wrong...

Hiring Kendall to locate and eliminate ghosts is Malcolm Fallons' best way to get close to her. After years of yearning for her, he's ready to
finally have the woman who’s always been his. Unfortunately, Kendall's feelings for her ex-husband, Levi Yates, are complicated and not exactly

When the demons of her past and present begin to threaten her family, Malcolm and Levi vow to protect her. As secrets from her childhood come to
light, Kendall is torn between both men. Only one can have her heart. Will she always be haunted by her past, or can she exorcise the shadows
before they destroy her future?

I first discovered Rebecca Royce through her Wings of Artemis series, which I devoured earlier this year. They were so great that I decided to branch out into more of Royce's books. Haunted Redemption was the first of this branching out, and it was so good!

One of the best things about this book is how unique it is. It's an adult paranormal romance in which the MC has three children. Plus, the whole story takes some awesome twists into the SERIOUSLY unexpected. It was honestly fascinating. At first I thought the story was kind of predictable, but then I was proven very wrong -- and I'm glad for it.

The characters are all so cool. They all have their own strengths and weaknesses, and goodness knows none of them are perfect. The MC, Kendall, has powers that she's been denying for a good long while that she has no choice but to stop ignoring now. I respect her for her strength and complete willingness to do what she can to provide for her children. But she does also have some quirks that were somewhat bothersome. They didn't make me hate her or anything -- on the contrary, they grounded her character as realistic. Then there is Malcolm, who I quite honestly liked the moment we met him. He's incredibly interesting, though he proved frustrating at times, too. Oh! And there's Levi, who is a really good father doing his best to deal with these new things his family is going through. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Levi, but overall I do respect him.

And, of course, there is romance. I partly enjoyed this aspect of the novel, but it is also my only real complaint about it, too. On one hand, there are some great romantic scenes. Sweet and hot -- and I was a fan. On the other hand, it's a love triangle that I could never tell which way it was going to land and I didn't know who to root for...but I was rooting for one person in particular anyway and it made me nervous. But that also brings us back to the good half of the romance, because that means this is a well written love triangle. So basically, I like the romance and hope it can develop to a point where I can love this aspect of the series soon.

Overall, Haunted Redemption is a quick, unique, highly entertaining paranormal read. I enjoyed these characters, and I am so excited to see where their story goes next!

4 stars - Quick, unique, and highly entertaining!

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