Sunday, December 4, 2016

Dashing Through The Snow by M. Leighton ~ Now Available & Review

Need some fun to brighten up the holidays?  Need some heat to warm up the cold nights?  Well,this is just the thing.  DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW, a sexy, snowy Christmas story by M. Leighton is LIVE!

A dash of perfect for the holidays!

Dilyn Hart hates Christmas, so when her boss (and ex-boyfriend) hands her an assignment to interview champion snowboarder and gorgeous playboy extraordinaire, Dash Grainger, on Christmas Eve, she takes it. There are several things she doesn’t plan for—a surly driver, a chalet in the middle of nowhere, a freak snowstorm—but the biggest surprise of all is Dash himself.

Dash Grainger lives for the high, and so far in his twenty-six years, he’s never met anyone or anything he loves more. Nothing has ever thrilled him as much as slick snow, cold air, and breakneck speed.

Until he meets Dilyn.

But one perfect night doesn’t mean clear, blue skies the next day. Some storms can’t be weathered.

Christmas might just be one of them.



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Marshmallows, the Colorado Rockies, Christmas Eve...they are have a new meaning to me now.  And that meaning is all wrapped up in this novella.  

A novella!

One of the few authors that can wrap my heart up in a very short number of pages is M. Leighton.  That makes this a perfect read to warm up your the holidays.

It's sexy.
It's fun.
It's a quickie.
It captures your heart.
It's HOT. 
And it's a holiday book.

That's the perfect package for reading in December.  

The characters are endearing.  I loved how how feisty and strong Dilyn is and how sexy yet tender Dash is.  I adore the reason he's called Dash.  Love them both.

I love that the cover makes sense with the story.  That I could read it in an evening without staying up too late.

I love how the story just captured me and the next thing I knew I was stressed enough to go post on Facebook.  Yes.  I did that.  I hit a point where I was just so worried about these two.  I wanted so much for them to fight for each other.  I just needed to talk to someone who knew the ending.  Not to know it too but to be told to read on.  It's okay.

And I did read on.  And I'm just so happy I did because that's the point where it became charming.  And the sighing began.  It was perfectly what I needed to read.

If you enjoy contemporary romance then you need this book this holiday season. 



  1. I completely agree! I so loved this book. Dash and Dilyn were so awesome! Great review!

  2. Oh my gosh, that cover!!! I would add this to my TBR pile just for that cover alone! hahaha!!