Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Bear Who Loved Me by Kathy Lyons (Grizzlies Gone Wild, #1) ~ Review

Source:  Received an eBook copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.


Between singlehandedly running her bakery and raising her teenaged nephew, Becca Weitz thought she had a decent grip on "normal." Then her nephew vanishes, and life as she's known it changes forever. Local legends are true: bear shifters exist . . . and her nephew is part of their clan. As is Carl Carman, the sexy, larger-than-life man who has sworn to find her nephew-and the other young shifters who've gone missing.

As the leader of his clan, Carl is surrounded by enemies. He's learned the hard way that keeping a firm leash on his inner beast is key to survival, though his feelings for Becca test his legendary control. Then danger stalks too close, and Carl realizes he must unleash the raging, primal force within to protect everything he holds dear. But can Becca trust his grizzly side with her life-and her heart?

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I've never read a bear shifter book.  They've caught my eye before but it hasn't happened till now.  I guess I never really thought about how much the characteristics of the animal can effect the character and the story.  Either that or most of the shifter books I've read have had similar characteristics.  Bears are different. 

This story has an interesting premise.  A bear clan that runs a kids summer program and they teach survival skills in a national forest.  Of course the kids that they choose to come are the ones that may be going furry in the next few years.  Because when a shifter gets a human pregnant, you never know if they will actually shift.  But the first shift is always hard on the kids so they need those well honed instincts to get them to the forest.  When Becca's nephew goes missing and Carl steps into help, it has more to do with bears than she's willing to deal with.

I enjoyed the characters in this story and I'm very interested to read the next book.  There are a lot of secondary characters that I loved.  It looks like Carl's best friend, Mark will be next.  That one can't come soon enough.  Mark is slowly going feral and I'm really hoping there's something else in store for his future.  Other characters had my interest too.  As for Carl and Becca, they are an unlikely pair that share sparks and words.

I enjoyed Becca's feisty spirit.  She doesn't let Carl's alpha nature rule her.  Considering she's human and never even knew shifters existed, she does a remarkable job standing up to him.  I like Carl.  He's not sure he can trust his bear most of the time.  I liked how Becca speaks to his bear and brings him balance.  They are an enjoyable couple.  

The story is interesting with some extra issues that drive the story along.  I read it pretty quickly and mostly enjoyed it.  My only issue is that little extra something that takes a book from good to great.  This book is missing that.  I enjoyed it.  I'll read the next book.  It just missed something.  I wanted it to be just a bit better.  

Bears are interesting creatures and I liked this book.


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  1. Sounds pretty good. Bodyguard by Jennifer Ashley, is my favorite bear shifter book that I've read so far.