Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Unbroken by Melody Grace ~ Review

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Book Description:

"Mom always told me there are two kinds of love in this world: the steady breeze, and the hurricane. Emerson Ray was my hurricane…"

Juliet McKenzie was an innocent eighteen-year old when she spent the summer in Cedar Cove—and fell head over heels in love with Emerson. Complicated, intense Emerson, the local bad boy. His blue eyes hid dark secrets, and just one touch could set Juliet ablaze. Their love was demanding and all-consuming, but when summer ended, tragedy tore them apart. Juliet swore she’d never go back, and she’s kept that promise… Until now.

Four years later, Juliet’s done her best to rebuild the wreckage of her shattered life. She’s got a great boyfriend, and a steady job planned after she graduates. Returning to Cedar Cove to pack up her family’s beach house to prepare it for sale, Juliet is determined that nothing will stand in the way of her future. But one look from Emerson, and all her old desire comes flooding back. He let her go once, but this time, he’s not giving up without a fight. And Emerson fights dirty.

A heartbreaking history. An unstoppable passion. Torn between her past and future, Juliet struggles to separate love from desire. But will they find a way to overcome their tragic secrets—together? And after so much damage has been done, can a love remain unbroken?

*This book contains adult situations and explicit content.*

My Thoughts: 


4 stars - Emerson kept me up late reading!

How do I explain my feelings for this book?  The only way I know is to tell you about my experience reading it.  I had just finished several new adult books in a row when I sat down to start this one.  Emerson wasn't part of the story at the very beginning and I wasn't loving Juliet, so I put it down.  That was a Saturday.  I picked up some paranormal instead.  Come Monday, I picked Unbroken back up and sat down to what I thought would be a couple hours before bed.  WRONG.  

Emerson joined the story.

I didn't put it down again until well into the night, until I was done reading every last page.

Didn't matter that I had to work the next day or that my 5:30AM wake-up call was looming.

I couldn't put it down.

I had to know why...yeah that.

I had to know if...yeah that.

What stopped me from putting down?

Emerson, of course.  

He's a bad boy but really he's a sweetheart.  His family sucks and he's been the adult for two younger siblings.  Forced to stay in the small town to support them, his reputation is far worse than he is.  Actually there are two sides of him.  The one that's in love with Juliet and the one that tries not to be in love with Juliet.  That's the "why" that kept me turning the pages.  Of course the side of him that loves Juliet is the one I love.  He's sweet.  He worries about her.  He wants to help her.  And the chemistry between them is scorching.  His looks send her body into a hot flash.  His touch stops her thought process.  They are dynamite together.  

Oh and that reason, that why I was wondering about, the one that kept me reading?  Dang if it didn't make me love Emerson even more.

I didn't like Juliet at the beginning of the book.  Yeah, I don't think she liked herself then either.  She was hiding the real her.  Once she was around Emerson things changed. The memories of what she had forced away to deal with the pain of losing Emerson helped her remember who she was, the real Juliet.  Her I liked.  Actually, when all the secrets were know, my heart hurt for Juliet. 

Obviously, the pages turned quickly and I read it in about an evening.  The secrets stayed secrets till the book told me, which is always fun.

Clearly, this book is for those over 18. If you enjoy the new adult books that have been coming out recently, then grab this one up.  Emerson can keep you up reading into the night too!


  1. Ooh, Val. Emerson kept you up all night long!! I am so thrilled you enjoyed Unbroken so much. That chemistry was off the charts !
    Great review!

  2. OMG I so need to get this book!! All the reviews I have read so far are amazing and you know that I am obsessed with NA books lately!! Fab review babe!!

  3. Ok, that's it. I'm starting it today.

  4. Great review Valerie! =) Juliet and Emerson have some seriously steamy scenes that got me a bit shifty eyed as I read late into the night. LOL.

    My review's scheduled to post tomorrow @ i*Heart*BigBooks

  5. Ooh, I'm heading to check into getting this one. All I'd seen was the cover, and hadn't read any reviews. It's good to know there's a story to it, and not JUST steaminess. Nice review, Valerie!

    Molli | Once Upon a Prologue