Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's M.R. Merrick Week!! ~ Today it's VINCENT


 Hope everyone in the States have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

As M.R. Merrick week continues on StuckInBooks, I have the character that Matt loves to write!  He's an ass and I USED to have a soft spot for him but now I just want to kick his vampire butt off my blog!  Find out why......

Hello Vincent.  I will admit that having you here on StuckInBooks makes me nervous.
I just don’t trust you.  Should I?
Have I given reason to be nervous? To not trust me? I think not. personally? No but others, most definitely!  Oh never mind.
You seem to have a thing for Rayna.  Why is that?
I’m certain that is not your concern.
Yeah, okay.  Perfect gentleman here.  Not getting away with that one.
Doesn’t seem like the feelings are mutual.  Why do you persist?
Since you seem inept at accepting my first response, then fine. Yes, I persist. Not because I have a “thing” as you so eloquently put it, but because I hate to see her potential stifled by the likes of what can only be described a modern day caveman.
Are you talking about my boy, Chase.  I happen to like that guy, a lot.  I think he’s great! When you first met Chase, what was your impression of him?
Impression? Can you even call it that? Chase Williams is an arrogant child. My first impression of him was like a dog marking his territory with very little aim. He practically sprayed his filth all over. If it was not for the small uses I had for him, I’d have had my family open his vein. Not to drink, however. I would not dare feed that slop even to my lessers. No, I would watch it run down the floor and funnel through the drain.
Seriously? Damn, Vincent. It’s a good thing your life doesn’t depend on me.  For some reason others seem to feel the need to help you.  I have NO idea why!  IF you could convince either of them to trust you, who would you prefer at your back? Chase or Riley?  Why?
Neither of the Williams’ boys inspire much confidence in me. If I had to choose one or the other, however, I’d probably choose the caveman, Chase. Although Riley has more power, Chase is like an annoying tick you can’t rid yourself of. It begins to grate on your nerves and is occasionally effective.
Thinking I should change the subject from my boy Chase.  Hmmm…best part about being a vampire?
Eternal life does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?
The sun does prove to be a persistent obstacle.
You are pretty powerful as a vampire, but I’ll bet there’s some superpower you still wish you had.  What is it?
Well immunity to the sun would be nice. Also, I think I’d enjoy the ability to fly.
You are a man of many secrets and I don’t mean just the ones in the books.  Tell me something I don’t know about you that’s not spoilery?
You want me to open up? Do you have a couch I could lay on before I share with you the most intimate details of many lifetimes? Lifetimes I’m sure you’re mortal mind cannot begin to appreciate.  Perhaps you’d like to try and hypnotize me, or perhaps analyze my dreams? I think you were nervous before this interview started, and if I answer that question, I’ll probably end up doing something you’ll regret.
Okay, I get it Vincent. You can stop now! I actually already knew you were an ass, so demonstrating it doesn’t answer the question.  Starting to regret inviting you here. Might have to kick your vampire butt off my blog!
This or that
Night or day (If the vampire thing didn’t get in the way): Truly?
Sweet or salty: A Positive.
Burger or steak: Inner thigh, rare.
Mountain or Ocean: Dark Alley.

Seriously, Vincent! No wonder Chase can’t stand you! Been trying to like you but it’s just NOT happening.  Maybe you could be nicer to Chase for me.  That might make me change my mind. I guess I have to be grateful you spent some time on my blog.  Thanks.
Of course your grateful. As you should be. The first thing you’ve done right since I got here. As for being nicer to Chase? Maybe if my life depended on it.
Okay, that’s it! Goodbye Vincent. You can definitely leave NOW.

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  1. Hahaha Vincent is so annoyingly hilarious :D

  2. I love to hate Vincent, but I hope we get to see his tough guide facade break down a bit over the next couple of books. I still have faith that he's not quite as big an ass as he'd have us believe...

    Great interview :)

  3. Ooohhh I so love Vincents sarcastic demeanor and the way he talks in circles! He's the bad guy you just want to know because you know there's something more. Maybe Chase can open him up like a can of sardines?