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It's M.R. Merrick Week!!! ~ Today is RAYNA

For the LAST day of M.R. Merrick week on StuckInBooks, I have my favorite shape-shifting witch with me to get the dirt on Chase.  Yeah, that's right today I have Rayna!

I interviewed Chase a while back, you can check it out here if you missed it.

Hey Rayna, what sup?

Thanks for popping in to help me give Chase a hard time.  He’s not around or anything is he? Um…I don’t know if he’s gonna like me sharing his interview with you. Um…maybe we should keep this between us, k?

Hey Val! Thanks for having me. I’m always ready to give Chase a hard time. And who knows where he is. Probably off doing the opposite of what he should be.

So maybe you didn’t know but Chase answered a few questions for me a while back and I thought it might be fun to let you read them and …um react to them.  You in?

Hell yes!

Yeah, and I might need to ask you one or two little questions…you know just to be…fair.

So here’s the first one I’d like you to see.

I love the snarky relationship that you and Rayna have.  How do you feel about her spunk?
It drives me crazy, but not always in a bad way. Rayna can keep up with me, she challenges me, and I trust her. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know where I’d be. Probably dead. I respect Rayna, I’ll take her sometimes off-the-wall attitude over anyone else. Always.

Yeah, he would diffidently NOT want me letting you read these. BUT since you have, what ya think?

You know, this doesn’t actually surprise me. Chase talks a bigger game than he delivers. He might be witty, but he doesn’t hide his emotions nearly as well as he thinks he does. I’ve always seen right through him.

So, um since we are doing this.  Here’s another one.

I have to say that I was very proud of you for defended Willy on several occasions.  It was the right thing to do.  Where do you think you got your sense of right and wrong?  Not your father, that's for sure. 
My mother was always a guiding force in my life, for everything, and although it doesn’t seem like it, the Circle played its part too. The Circle’s view of what’s right and what’s wrong is skewed, but the bottom line, “Hunters are born to protect the innocent,” still applies. Helping Willy was no different. It wasn’t an easy decision at first, I mean I knew he was a demon, and Hunters were supposed to kill demons, but it just didn’t seem right. Willy was…Willy. He’d never hurt anyone, and he didn’t deserve to be hurt.

This sounds like the Chase I know is inside. I’m not sure he’d ever say this to me, or Willy for that matter, but this is definitely Chase—loyal to a fault. I’m not sure, given his metal state at the time, how Willy managed to survive Chase when they first met, but now he’s become like a little brother to Chase. To all of us, in fact. 

And one last one.

If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be?
I would’ve waited to go to Rayna’s old house. Helping Vincent I can live with, but everything I regret started when we walked in that house.

What? Are you kidding me? Typical Chase, thinking he’s in control of everything and it’s his fault. It wasn’t up to him. I decided I was going to my house, not him. There was nothing he could’ve done to stop me. *Sigh* When we train later, he’s going to pay for this.

No taking off yet.  I’m not done with you.  Give us the dirt on Chase.  What’s something we don’t learn about him in the books but we so should know?

Chase is…Chase. He puts up this wall and rarely lets anyone in, but once you’re inside it, you’re family. Everyone knows Chase makes abrupt decisions, and a lot of the time he comes across as angry, but I don’t think it’s for the reasons everyone thinks. If you ask me, all Chase’s anger and abrupt decision making comes from a never-ending mission to find acceptance. Even though he has all of us, he still, for some reason, feels the need to prove himself. The thing is, he’s not proving himself to any of us. He’s just up against himself…it’s like he’s fighting a ghost. 

If you could have anyone at your back in a fight, who would it be and why?

As much as he drives me crazy, the answer is Chase. It’s always Chase. I wouldn’t even have to look, I know he’d be there. I can rely on him like nobody else. 
Best part of being a witch?

Right now I can unlock a lock, or break down a spell, but the rest of the magic a witch has, has yet to show itself. Maybe I won’t even get it. I’ll let you know the best part if it ever comes.


I don’t even know if I consider myself a witch. Best or worst doesn’t really apply to me.

This or that

Day or night: Night
Sweet or salty: Sweet
Burger or steak: Steak
Mountains or Ocean: Ocean

Thanks girl!

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