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It's M.R. Merrick Week! ~ I've got WILLY

As the third book in The Protector series quickly approaches, I've decided to celebrate with a whole week of M.R. Merrick!  Yesterday, I posted the GIVEAWAY for Shift!  

Missed it?  Check it out HERE.

Today- I have an interview with MY Willy!  I absolutely LOVE Willy is this series.  How can anyone not be captivated by a stuttering demon that is such a sweetie!  Nuff drooling on my part, here's WILLY!

WILLY! You are my FAVORITE demon and I’m all fan girl having you here on my blog!!!
You’ve had some struggles in your life and I will admit that I want to just hug you most of the time. SO, I need to know – what things make you happy?
My fri-, friends. A lot has happened recently, but for the fir-, first time in my life I belong to something. No matter how bad things get, I won’t let that go.
What’s the BEST part of being a demon?
The sa-, same thing that’s kept me alive through so many struggles—the ability to heal quickly. If it wasn’t for that, I’m not sure I’d be here today.
AND the worst?
It seems impossible to escape the Underworld. I don’t fi-, fit in with humans. I can’t. And so I’m forced to be with a group I don’t belong in. That was before I met Chase and Rayna, but even though they’re my friend now, I don’t really fit in th-, there either.
That first time you met Chase was kinda interesting.  What was going through your mind?
I was terrified. And to be honest, most of it’s a blur now. I’d nev- never had a go-, good experience with hunter, and he was so…angry. I thought those were my last mo- moments, but then I saw something in Chase’s eyes. Something I’d never seen in a hunter before—compassion.
What did you think of Chase?
I was confused because I didn’t understand him. Every hunter I’d ever met had bea- beaten me to a pulp for information, and although he had scared me, he hadn’t hurt me. Not like the others. I never thought we’d become friends, but I knew there was something about him that ma-, made him different.
I love the friendship thing you too have going.  It really has had an impact on Chase.  What about you?  Being friends with Chase make a difference in your life?
Chase has changed my life completely. He ga-, gave me something I had never had before— the ability to stand up for myself. He’s protective of me, which can be frustrating, but I’ve never really had anybody looking out for me, except for Grams, so I can’t complain. Chase gave me back the ability to look at life with both eyes open. Something I haven’t been able to do for a very long time.
Rayna is one badass hunter.  What were you thinking the first time you met her?
That I hoped I didn’t piss her off.
What did you think of Rayna?
I thought that as much as she gives Chase balance, she can be just as stub-, stubborn. She’s also a lot like me. She’s been different her whole life. She didn’t’ fit in with any group, and so I understand her struggle a lot more than some of the others.
I really want to know something about you that we don’t learn about from the books?  Anything interesting come to mind?
Grams isn’t actually my Grams. She adopted me when I wa- was little. Grams used to run an orphanage for demons, in a way. I was one of her kids and after…well, I’ll just say some ba- bad things hap-, happened and she took me in as her own.
If you could have one wish, no questions asked, what would it be?
That we’re able to stop Riley and the Dark Bro-, brothers. This is the first time in my life I’ve had these kinda friends, but they’re mo- more than that too—they’re my family. I hate seeing them struggle, and Riley’s as the center of most of it. 

This or that
Night or day: Day
Sweet or salty: Salty
Burger or steak: Burger
Mountain or Ocean: Mountains

Thanks for hanging out with me Willy! I will never forget this! ((HUGS))

Isn't he the cutest demon EVER!!!!

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  1. Aww I love Willy and I loved this interview!! Thanks for sharing this!!

  2. Awww, Willy is the sweetest. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. So glad you had Willy on the blog! I love Willy, I mean after that interview how could anyone not love him?

  5. Willy!! Love his character! This was great Val :-)

  6. LOVE Willy! Great interview and I'm with you Val - I just wanna hug him!

  7. I was instantly smitten with Willy when I read Exiled. From time to time, I like to bug Matt for more Willy. =) He's just so darn cute.