Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Team Major Swoon is recuiting




So if you haven't heard, there's an invasion coming! An invasion of the very best kind!  Daemon from Obsidian is invading.  It's all over twitter and blogs are starting to post about it.  

Street teams are being organized and I am the leader of Team Major Swoon!  As a group of 10, we will preform tasks that may lead to fabulous prizes.  We will get insider information about upcoming events.  

Currently, Team Major Swoon has 6 members.  

@StuckInBooks <---- ME - Valerie
@ByJamieManning <------ Jamie
@ReadingAddict17 <----- Amber
@JessLeake <----- Jess
@MandieBaxter <----- Mandie
@BookishAndrea <----- Andrea

We are looking for 4 more!

If you are interested in joining our street team, then email me valerie (at) stuckinbooks.com.  I'll update this post when our team is full.  

Yummy Daemon!!!!

UPDATE: Our team is full.


  1. What exactly would we have to do? Also when does this begin?

    1. My understanding is that as soon as our team is complete, they will give us tasks to do. As we complete on level we are sent to the next, finally reaching a grand prize. Not sure what the tasks are. They just said they were fun and easy.


  2. I'd join but I haven't read the book and that would probably hinder the team.

  3. i'm international and like martha i haven't read the book yet so i guess i'm out too but good luck to your team