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Somebody to Love by Kristan Higgins review & giveaway

Happy Book Birthday to 
Somebody to Love by Kristan Higgins.  Available today!

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My Summary:

Parker Welles should be set for life with her trust fund money, her son, and some great friends.  What could possibly go wrong?  How about everything!  Her father loses the family fortune in an insider-trading scheme and Parker is forced to try and flip the only possession she still owns - a run down shack of a house on the coast of Maine.  Enter James, her fathers now unemployed lawyer.  He grew up a carpenters son and knows his way around a nail gun - with or without his shirt on.  Parker prefers the without version but she so can't have a summer fling with James or can she?  Maybe just a fling.

My Thoughts:

4 stars - funny and fabulous

This is the second book I've read by Kristan Higgins.  I don't read very much adult fiction, but I'm starting to make the exception for Kristan.  The humor she mixes in is so fun.  I about died laughing during the mouse attack.  I quoted some of it for my teaser last week, but here's a little more from that scene.

She turned to leave, figuring she put on a clean shirt in the car, rather than inside, when she felt something at her ankle...a tickle. 

She looked down.  Nothing there.  Just an itch, she decided, from being in this house of crap. 

Nope, there it was again, right under her ankle bone.  A mosquito?  She shook her foot.  Nothing.

Then, horribly, the tickle moved.  Moved up.
"What the hell?" she hissed,shaking the leg of her jeans.  If that was a cockroach, she'd die.

The tickled moved up again.  Faster this time, toward her knee.

"Shit!" Parker said, flapping her pants.  "Get out!"

The tickle was now past her knee...and it had a lump.  It was a lumpy warm tickle.

"Nooo!" Parker shrieked, jumping up and down.  The lumpy tickle zipped around to the back of her leg, then across her ass and around to the other side, and with that, Parker ripped open her pants and there it was, a mouse in her pants.  Its eyes were huge and terrified and Parker heard a scream rip through the air--her scream-- and the tiny rodent--rodent!---leaped, practically flying through the air, and landed in the pile in the tub.  Page 77

My Teaser Tuesday last week picks up right after this.  If you want to see that again - check it out here.  As she rips off her jeans and runs outside, James shows up.  I was laughing so hard that my husband walked down the hall to see what was so funny.

This book has more than humor of course, it also has some fabulous characters.  I loved James.  He was bit of a mystery at first but before the end the truth came out.  He's a fabulous guy playing a lawyer! He's younger than Parker, which seems to bother her a lot.  And while he's attracted to her from the start, they don't really have a good relationship over the years.  She puts him firmly in the pile with her no good dad never bothering to really get to know him.  It was fun to watch that change as she got to know the real him.  I will say that wanted to reach in the book and smack Parker upside the head a few times.  It was nice when a few of the characters finally did it for me, figuratively speaking.

The story itself is complex and interesting.  Kristan draws a lot of ideas into the story including single parents, parenting, and hard family issues.  I liked the direction this book took, not making things easy on the characters creating a real life feel to the story.  Really enjoyed this one.

If you like contemporary adult romance, then you should definitely pick this one up.

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  1. Great review Valerie. I love the mouse scene. I could vaguely remember your TT from last week so I knew the hot guy walked in and caught her without her pants on lol.

  2. I haven't read anything by Kristan Higgins yet but I love the sounds of it I adore books with humor in it so I think I'll really like this one! Awesome review chick!

  3. nice teaser! ewww mouse! gosh! hope that won’t happen to mE! :)

  4. Loved your review. It sounds like a cute, fun book. Thanks for the chance to win!