Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Of Poseidon By Anna Banks

Source: Won ARC from YA Sisterhood

My summary:

Emma runs into the immovable chest of Galen at the beach, literally.  Forced to choose how to react, she goes with option 4, peel her check off his chest and apologize for the "casual assault".  Not the best first impression, but Galen is interested in Emma for something besides her lack of coordination.  No, he's looking for the girl that can communicate with fish.  Can that be Emma?  Her eyes are enough to get him wondering but it's the deadly shark attack that has him following her home.  Can Emma be the girl he needs to bring together a divided kingdom under the sea?  Maybe.  But what will he do about the feeling that he has for her?  There is no way they can be together and he better understand that from the beginning.  Too bad his heart wasn't paying attention.

My Thoughts:

5 stars - Fabulous fish story

Haven't read a lot of mermaid stories (sorry Galen - Syrena stories).  If they were all like this one, I'd be reading them ALL. 

This book called to me.  I won it so it wasn't something I needed to get read by a certain date, but I couldn't let it sit on my shelf any longer.  Once I started this book, I might as well of cancelled the rest of my life.  It was pretty much a one sitting read.  I did sleep for a few hours but mostly I read it straight through.

The action starts from the first sentence.  "I SMACK into him as if shoved from behind." Then Emma tries how do get out of this situation of having her cheek stuck to his chest in the best way possible.  I thought I'd die laughing before she stepped back and apologized.  Emma is hilarious! That was when I knew I was reading it NOW.  Emma is a strong female character that doesn't put up with being told what to do.  She isn't perfect at taking care of herself but she's gonna try.  Love her fire and her snark.

Galen, Prince of the Syrena, is royal and used to having his orders followed.  Needless to say, Emma doesn't follow them.  Galen is also used to living in the ocean, not among the humans.  So he's not quite sure what "hanging out" is all about.  It's too cute to watch him learn how to survive a high school while chasing Emma.  He is totally unprepared for the attention his good looks bring him.  At one point, he's trying to avoid the female attention he's getting so he calls Rachel and pretends to be flirting with her over the phone.  Rachel is an older human and acting as him mother but the conversation is fabulously funny.  The girls that have become Galen's groupies slowly leave as they hear the conversation.  Loved that scene.

Emma believes Galen could never really be interested in her and Galen believes he can't have Emma even though he wants her very badly.  As a result, the heat between them is constantly on the edge of  exploding making this an amazing paranormal romance novel.

There's some misdirection in this book.  I love that when an author can make me think the book is going one way only to have to go another.  I figured out a little but only just before it happened and was very surprised by a few things.  The story was a perfect balance of action and passion.  The ending was one of those surprises that I thought I knew what was happening and it wasn't.  It was the type of ending that makes me want book 2 NOW! Almost a cliffhanger, this book resolves some but starts a huge new story.

If you enjoy YA, romance, paranormal or all - then this book is a must read!  What an awesome debut for Anna Banks.  Cannot wait to read more from this author.

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  1. i love the trailer and i want the book lol
    gr8 review valerie

  2. Thanks for the positive review. I wasn't wild about this one, but then I am overly weary of the entire paranormal romance genre. Have you read Ripple? I liked that one better.

    1. So PNR is one of my favorites which might explain why I like this one so much. I haven't read Ripple but will check it out. Thanks.


  3. I enjoyed this book! This was also my first mermaid (syrena) book that I'd read and now I wanna read more mermaid YA novels! Great review!

  4. I've never really been that interested in mer-people stories... but I've heard so many great things about this book that I'm more than curious to read it! Sounds great!
    ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte

  5. I like mermaid books, so I was super excited when I got approved for this one from NetGalley. It sounds awesome, and your review is making me want to read it now too!!

  6. I am all over the Mer thing!! There is so many awesome looking ones coming out over the next couple months and I am all but bouncing off walls to get them :) I LOVE your review!! Super glad that Emma is such a strong MC <3

  7. Have this one to read too Valerie, So glad you like it! Now I can't wait to read Of Poseidon after reading your review! Thanks Valerie! :)

  8. Fun review!! I like your enthusiasm. I think more of the book bothered me than it did you, but I seriously CANNOT WAIT for the next one, too. And I can't help being grateful there's at least a whole 'nother book to resolve everything - 'cause there's plenty left to resolve!!!!

  9. Great review! You know how much I loved this book and I agree book 2 can't come soon enough :)


  10. love love love mermaid stories. I have this one on my list for sure.

    lol at fabulous fish story.. that made me giggle.

    I wish I could be a mermaid.

  11. This was amazing book and I'm just craving anna bank's next one, Of Triton. Wonderful novel that just leaves you wondering. It is pure genius!

    Cath Brookes (Seattle Limo)