Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Die For Me by Amy Plum

Thanks to netgalley for this book

My summary:

Kate has just lost her parents in a tragic car accident. Her and her older sister, Georgia, move to Paris to live with their grandparents. While Georgia is dealing with her loss by hitting the clubbing scene, Kate withdraws into herself reading all day at local cafes. It’s there that she first sees Vincent. He is hauntingly familiar and absolutely gorgeous. Vincent continues to appear out of nowhere and a relationship begins to blossom. But when Kate discovers that Vincent isn’t human but a revenant that is compelled to save others even to his death, it may just be too much for her. Can she live in his world of death and fear or will she walk away? What is the rest of Vincent’s story? Who is “the man” that he is always concerned about? Will their relationship end before it even has a chance to start?

My thoughts:
4 stars – A great read

Amy does a beautiful job of bringing Paris to life as Kate and then Kate and Vincent move around the city. I’ve never been there, but I can picture it from her descriptions. I love the world that she creates for Kate and Vincent. Revenants are created when someone dies saving another and then are compelled to continue saving others. It has just enough magic to seem plausible without being over the top fantasy. I really enjoy those types of stories. Full on fantasy gets tedious.

I love, love Vincent, Vince, V. He is charming and yummy but also strong and very male. I’m not sure I understand his immediate love for Kate because he loves her from the moment he sets eyes on her. It could be explained by the compulsions of revenants but he seemed drawn to her before any of that. I puzzled over that throughout the book and never decided on a cause. I loved getting to know him and the whole crew of revenants.

Kate, frankly, puzzled me. It has been seven months since her parent’s death and she is still very emotional and afraid to open her heart to anyone. I get that. But she makes some crazy decisions and thinks some strange things throughout the book. I didn’t quite understand her.

The plot was exciting and I rode the roller coaster near the end having to take stress breaks. I love books where I want to keep reading but I’m afraid to keep reading for fear of something happening to my beloved characters. That’s how I felt near the end. Finally, though, my stress break was only a few minutes and I quickly finished it. I am so glad that I did. I loved the ending. So beautiful.

If you like the paranormal romance genre, you should definitely read this one. It’s a great read!


  1. I've had this book on my shelf for a couple of weeks now and I am trying to gently shove it to the top of my TBR pile, but I have so many read/reviews that I need to get to it feels never-ending. I may just go ahead and take a break from them at some point and start on it, your review definitely makes me want to hurry it along. :)

  2. Great review, I just reviewed this myself :). You can read all kinds of extras on Amy Plum's website... including VIncent's POV that is before the book begins when he first sees her months before. All kinds of stuff there, check it out! :). ~ Jen @ A Book and a Latte

  3. BTW, I'm now following you... thought I already was! Maybe I tried when GFC was on the fritz.

  4. I totally agree with you about Kate's character. I was slightly confused too and wished the book delved into her character more. But that whole revenant thing and the love story is what MADE this book! Such a cool concept! Thanks for the review! -Amy