Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

What are you reading?

I started Afterlife last week before City of Fallen Angels reached my house. I took a break to read CoFA but now I'm back at Afterlife. Don't think that it isn't good becasue I could put it down for four days to read CoFA. It's just that CoFA is a favorite series. I love Afterlife. Here's a teaser..

"By all that divides us from the living, I divide you from this place. By all that darkness that dwells within us, I consign you to darkness. By all the death that gives me power, I take your power from you."

That was Bianca from page 233 of 360

Loving this book - look for the review coming soon.

You're turn - What are you reading?

Have you read Afterlife?

If you were turned into the worst possible paranormal creature you could possibly imagine, how would you cope?

Would you continue to be with the one you love?

What are you reading? Pick up your book and find a sentence or two that you can safely share (no spoilers) and let us know.

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  1. Great teaser! I'll be starting this series soon since I've heard amazing things about it. I hope your enjoying it :)


  2. Great teaser this week! I haven't read "Afterlife" yet but I have read 'Evernightt" and currently have the over three novels on my bookshelf.

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  3. Great teaser!! I have the first one in this series.