Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Tuesday...So

What are you reading? Grab your book and give us a teaser. No spoilers. Just a sentence or two to get us excited about the book.

I'm reading Wings by Aprilynne Pike (I know - it's about time huh)

"Enraptured, Laurel just stared. His green-and-black hair hung in long strands that fell across his forehead, just shy of his eyes...He was maybe six inches taller than her and moved with a catlike grace she'd never seen in another boy." (from page 82)

So if you haven't read this book, what do you think of Tamani?

What are you reading?

Leave us a tease in the comments.


  1. great teaser....and I LOVE Tamani!

  2. I've only read this book, but I haven't the sequels. Looking forward to your review! :)

    I'm only reading a Hemingway book right now, but it's great so far.

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