Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hoppy Easter Eggstravaganza Blog Hop

Welcome to the Easter Blog Hop

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Enter to win a music Amazon gift card to buy the playlist from City of Fallen Angels

1) "If my Heart was a House" Owl City

2) "While We Were Dreaming" Pink Mountaintops

3) Carousel, Paper Route

4) "This is My City" Timothy Victor

5) Sweet and Low, Augustana

6) No Better, Sherwood

7) Fall Hard, Shout Out Louds

8) Marry Song, Band of Horses

9) Degausser, Brand New

10) Wolves, the Accidental

11) "It's in Your Blood" Lydia

12) Angels on the Moon — Thriving Ivory

13) "Love Like This" The Summer Set

14) Parachute, Ingrid Michaelson

15) "In my Veins", Andrew Belle

Check out Cassandra's thoughts on why she choose these songs on the Mundie Moms blog here

So, fill out the form below to win a $15 music Amazon gift card to buy these songs or any songs of your choice! (There is no guarantee of the availability of this music on Amazon.)

This contest is closed


  1. Totally awesomely amazingly cool giveaway! I love associating music with the character's and getting inside the author's head. :)

    I did tweet this: http://twitter.com/#!/endsxtonight/status/60583667029909504

    I apologize for having to do this, but I am trying to make everyone aware that I am having some issues with my current email address (susanhaugland@att.net) as it had been hacked into and compromised, so I'm making sure that everyone knows that they need to contact me at both of my email addresses (susanhaugland@att.net) and susan_haugland@yahoo.com my back-up for now until I can get everything resolved. Thanks.

  2. Oooh! I love Ingrid Michaelson!