Monday, March 21, 2011

Sean Griswold’s Head Review and Giveaway

Sean Griswold’s Head by Lindsey Leavitt

5/5 stars


Payton is fifteen and plays basketball. Her life revolves around her. Her best friend Jac, short for Jaclyn, is as outgoing and wild as she is reserved and organized. They make odd friends but are perfect for each other. When Payton accidentally finds out that her Dad has developed MS and has been hiding it from her for months, she loses it. She quits the basketball team; she stops talking to her parents; she loses her brand new leather bound organizer; and she ends up talking to the school counselor against her will. The counselor wants her to find a focus object that will help her think about other things. Although it’s supposed to be an inanimate object, Payton decides on Sean Griswold’s head. He sits in front of her in Biology, it’s an alphabetical thing. As she writes in her journal about Sean’s head, she becomes curious about him. That curiosity leads her to following him and finally talking to him. But Payton has some issues that a new crush isn’t going to fix. Developing feeling for Sean may just make things worse. As Payton tries to find a way to deal with her Father’s disease, she may risk her relationship with her Dad, her best friend and any hope she has with Sean.

My thoughts:

This is a great book. Lindsey Leavitt does a wonderful job of dealing with some hard issues. Payton doesn’t know why she is acting the way she is. She struggles to deal with the major change of her Father’s illness. She avoids. She lashes out. She misbehaves. Her grades drop. She pushes people away. These are typical reactions to a hard situation. Without being a counseling session, the book takes someone through a process of coming to terms with it. I loved how Sean fit into the picture. He was mysterious and interesting. He was complex and he was his own person. I love how focusing on others, Payton actually learns a lot about herself.

It’s a quick and funny read. It’s not depressing or discouraging at all. I read it in an afternoon and really enjoyed it.

Enjoy the read!

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