Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

4 stars


In this conclusion to the Hunger Games trilogy, Katniss is thrown into being the face of the rebels as she tried to deal with Peeta’s imprisonment in the capital. The twists and turns abound as Katniss tries to stay sane and alive. Will it all ever end?

*Some Spoilers*

My thoughts:

I put off reading this book. I struggled at the end of Catching Fire. The whole series was so emotional for me. Cliffhanger aside, the ending of book two just depressed me. I started Mockingjay when it first came out only to put is down and leave it. My daughter finally got me to finish is. We often share books, but I had never told her about the series. She discovered it on her own and loved it. The twists and turns that came out of nowhere pushed her quickly through all three books in a week. So I reluctantly returned to it. I have to say that I could have put it off a while longer and been okay with it. I admire the plot and the character development. The world that Suzanne creates is compelling and thought provoking. Certainly, there are political statements in the story. But I guess I don’t enjoy fiction that is too serious.

I also had some problems with the Mockingjay herself, Katniss. I was so frustrated with her so many times. She could figure out the twists of the game and understand Haymitch’s strange messages in the arena but she was clueless to the feelings of people around her. I wonder as to what kind of a person is like that? Everyone saw who she loved except her and Peeta. That frustrated me. I know, I know, we had to keep that triangle going but honestly I didn’t buy it. Gayle never stood a chance.

I wish the ideas of mental illness had been handled better. Katniss falls apart. Peeta falls apart. Katniss’s mother fell apart before the book started. Mostly, they were just set aside until they got over it. I guess it adds to the story but I have a hard time believing how Katniss was handled for her final breakdown. Isolation is the worst possible solution.

Anyway, I’ve read it. It was a good read just not one I will ever read again.


  1. Sorry Mom :) Nice review though. I agree with you about Katniss. At points I just wanted her just to get up and do something rather than sit in her own pity.

  2. Juls- It was a good book, just not for me. I can't handle the depressing parts of it. Mom