Monday, March 21, 2011

Invasion by Jon S Lewis

Invasion by Jon S Lewis

4/5 stars


Colt is a surf bum living in San Diego with his parents. He has a new car and everything is great until the car accident. His parents killed by a drunk driver are gone and he has to move to Arizona to live with his Grandpa. Only things aren’t that simple. You see, he spent a day this last summer at a secret military training facility only he doesn’t remember. They want to recruit him to fight in a war, a war that is about to invade his 16 year old life whether he is ready for it to or not. It wasn’t really an accident that his parents died, they were murdered. His friend, Oz, isn’t just a friend but someone he met at that secret military facility, the one he doesn’t remember. His best friend, the computer whiz, is now in danger by association. Can Colt find out who killed his parents and save the day? Why him? What is it about him that should make him be capable?

My thoughts:

The story pulls you quickly and keeps you there. I’m not a sci-fi reader but I loved this book. Normally, I read paranormal so I guess there are some similarities. I loved the revisionary history to make this world of aliens work right into our lives. I loved the conspiracy that kept everything a mystery so much of the time. Oz was a perfect side kick. He had the answers but wouldn’t give too much away. He came with great toys to help save the day. Danielle was a mystery. I thought for sure she liked Colt but that didn’t happen. I was surprised who she did like. Yes there are some typical teenage antics going on throughout the whole crazy invasion.

It’s great read that will quickly please. It’s got some video games, some comic books, and some high tech stuff in it. If that’s not enough, things blow up a lot. Even if sci-fi isn’t your thing, you’ll like this one.

Enjoy the read!

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