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Legacy by Hannah McBride ~ This or That, Review & Giveaway


The last book in Remy & Skye's story!
Available April 16th

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You may know that Hannah is a friend.  Before this Covid thing started, she started writing Sanctum.  I found out and demanded to read it.  I received chapter by chapter from her.  She was just writing for fun but I was POSITIVE that this book needed to be published.  There were a few of us that were reading her chapter and we began insisting that she publish it.  She finally gave in and the Blackwater Pack was born.  You can find us on Facebook.  Boy, have we grown.  We are all about the Blackwater Pack.  This is a word of mouth group that has fallen in love with the shifter world that Hannah built.  We demand that she writes more and she does.  Now there are 3 novels and and a novella in Remy & Skye's story.  Soon there will be spinoffs for other members of the pack.  Frankly, they are the best books I've read in a while.  

Legacy is the last book in Remy & Skye's story.  Their story started with an emotionally spent Skye and her mother just trying to escape hell, yeah Longs Peak was really that bad.  Skye's story is one of strength and triumph.  She finds her mate, Remy, but that's hardly the end of their story.  Together they work to make a difference in their world.  They move from high school to leadership and all the fun happens in Legacy.

Should I admit that I had a hit list for this book?  I did.  There some characters that just needed some justice.  I won't say if they all got it or not but I was not disappointed with the way things developed.  That's because these characters grow and progress in a believable track despite them being able to shift into wolves.  

Remy & Skye are the best.  They have struggles and get mad at each other.  They work together and succeed often but really they felt like friends.  I believe in these characters.  I hope to meet them in real life because our world would be a better place if I did.  Are they perfect?  Of course not, none of us are but they figured things out and that just made me happy.

The secondary characters own my heart too and I can't wait for the spinoffs to begin.  There's a list there of characters that need their own story.  A few I'm going to be very impatient about.  A certain mom and dad are at the top of my list followed quickly by a Russian witch - um elemental.  

This story picks up right where Prey left off and it's a good thing.  Yeah, most readers were struggling with the ending of Prey.  I knew it was okay so I just bugged the author to write faster.  She often received this little gif in her text messages.

It's an exciting story filled with lots of..."did that just happen?" and "yes!" moments!  One in particular involved a certain jerk from Longs Peak and a new favorite character we meet in this book.  No, I won't tell you more.  You need to experience these moments for yourself!  And I do suggest you experience them at your earliest convenience.  Remy & Skey's story is so much fun.  You will want to enjoy it without spoilers.

Anyway, this book is the perfect ending to their story.  I very much enjoyed it and will definitely need to read it again.  It's the kind of book, series that takes you through an emotional rollercoaster and leaves you whole on the other side.  It's the fight in Skey that does that.  She doesn't give up.  It's the strength in Remy.  He is always there.  

I really can't recommend this series more.  If you haven't started, get on that.  If you need to catch, do it now.

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Winner's choice of any Blackwater pack eBook by Hannah McBride that is available as of 4/16.

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