Saturday, February 15, 2020

What Are You Currently Reading?

Hi, friends! I was thinking I'd try something a little new this week. This isn't new to the blogging world in general, but it's something new on SIB that I think I may do once a month or so. Instead of posting a review or something else, I want to talk about what I'm reading--and then I, of course, would love for y'all to share what you're reading too!

I'm doing this for two reasons:

1) I feel like a lot of the time I read things and then it takes me a while to get a chance to write a review. So I like this opportunity to talk about what I'm reading NOW and not a month from now when I get around to writing and posting my review.

2) I'm reading a book I'm super excited about this weekend and want to squeal about it!

P.S. please excuse the very rough graphic I made for this--I'm tired and don't have the patience to fine tune a graphic that doesn't suck tonight so fingers crossed I get around to it for the next time I make a post like this...ha.

This weekend I'm reading two books:

Heritage: Locke's Legacy by Guin Archer

Heritage: Locke's Legacy (Heritage Duet Book 1)“If you look closely, in the shadows of the great birch, you may catch a silhouette moving as though walking between the boughs. If you listen, you might hear a happy giggle as the dragonfly perches on the petal of a water lily. There are more magics and miracles in this world than you can possibly imagine.” -Deeta Rose Rimbauer

Adeline Rimbauer was descended of a long, proud line of Caretakers. Her family had been charged with the care and safekeeping of Vampyrs for generations. She’d served more than half of her life in the shadow of her Vampyr Masters and Mistresses and she was quite good as what she did. While not pursuing her heart’s passions as her sister did, she was comfortable in the life she’d made for herself.

Not happy, but content.

Women like her...well, women such as she didn’t deserve better. Darkness was a roiling, destructive presence in her life as far back as she could remember. It sucked the joy from her soul like the vacuum of an abyss. It tainted her. She’d fought for a shred of happiness of her own, but learned the brutal truth on the dagger’s edge of death...

Some people just weren’t worth the air they breathed.

Fate, however, sought to teach her a new lesson. One’s legacy is not left in the footprint of their failures, but in their connections with those around them and the glowing mark which they leave behind in the hearts of those that love them.
Miracles and magic are all a matter of perception and seven men are bound and determined to show Adeline how much of a miracle she is in this world.

*Available through KindleUnlimited*

How much I've read: 99 pages

Thoughts so far: This is one of those books that's just really hitting the spot. It's reverse harem and kind of reads like something in the vein of fanfiction and I am kind of so here for it? I just love the unapologetic take to writing feelings and situations in a way that's so dramatic but also satisfying. For example, the MC in the book is sick right now and I love how concerned the love interests are for her. It's a little over the top but that's GOOD. I LIKE it that way. You know what I mean? I think this is going to be a book I really enjoy.

Sworn to the Shadow God by Ruby Dixon

Sworn to the Shadow God (Aspect and Anchor #2)Adventure.

It's what my boring life is missing, so when I fall through a portal into another world, I'm excited. Here, I'm important. Here, I'm special.

I find out just *how* special when I meet Death.

Yup. That guy. He's been exiled to the mortal realm to work through his flaws, and he's just as spoiled and awful as you'd think. Rhagos, the Shadow Lord, is arrogant and rude and controlling and demands to get his way. He's selfish. He's impossible.

He's also utterly gorgeous. Magnetic. Lonely. And strangely protective of me.

Thanks to a magic bond, I now serve him as his anchor to the mortal realm. It means that I'm his conscience, his guide...and the target for any assassin or glory-seeker. After a few days of this, I'd rather go home than continue on this 'adventure'. I need a way back to Earth, and fast.

As the world falls down around us and we're hunted simply for existing, I find myself wondering what it'd be like to serve the lonely god of all ways. To kiss him. To touch him. To bed him.

Except...I'm supposed to be finding a way home, not trying to kiss Rhagos. No matter how tempting he is. No matter how much he stares at my lips.

No matter how much I want it.

*Available through KindleUnlimited*

How much I've read: 0 pages

Thoughts: So I haven't officially started this yet. But I plan to start it Saturday morning and I AM SO EXCITED. Idk if y'all saw my post about my favorite books of 2019, but spoiler alert: Bound to the Battle God was my favorite book of the year. So now the companion/sequel is out and I am beyond ready to let it take over my life this weekend. I'm nervous I won't like it as much as book 1...but also just so ready to let it ruin me regardless because I've been reading a lot of Ruby Dixon in the past couple of months and I trust her. 

So yeah. That's what I'm reading this weekend! And all I've been reading in the past week or more-ish. It's been super busy at work for me, so I've been too tired to read much when I get home. My reading has been focused around the weekends as of late...which is why I'm talking about what I'm reading this WEEKEND instead of just in general.

But I want to know! What have y'all been reading lately? What are you reading this weekend?? 


  1. Currently reading Letters to the Lost.

  2. Reading Firstborn Academy and just finished The Substitute!!! Love the super natural Academy books!!!

  3. I recently finished Vendetta Road (Torpedo Ink series) by Christine Feehan. I loved it! And The Best Laid Plans by Cameron Lund (an arc I recieved)...not my usual type of book but I definitely enjoyed it. Tonight I'm starting The One For You (the last book in The Ones Who Got Away series) by Roni Loren. This has been an awesome series so I can't wait to read the final book.