Monday, February 24, 2020

A Stuck In Books Giveaway

One little wager will determine their fate—a daring escape or falling into temptation with a rakish lord.

Lady Betsy Wilde’s first season was triumphant by any measure, and a duke has proposed—but before marriage, she longs for one last adventure.

No gentleman would agree to her scandalous plan—but Lord Jeremy Roden is no gentleman. He offers a wager. If she wins a billiards game, he’ll provide the breeches.

If he wins…she is his, for one wild night.

But what happens when Jeremy realizes that one night will never be enough? In the most important battle of his life, he’ll have to convince Betsy to say no to the duke.

Dear Lady Truelove,

My ward is driving me crazy. I have to marry her off and get her out of my life. There's just one problem…

When Jonathan Deverill promised a dying friend he'd be guardian to the man's daughter, he envisioned a girl in pigtails and pinafores, a child he could leave behind in some finishing school. Problem is, his ward is actually a fully-grown, defiant beauty whose longing for romance threatens to make his guardianship a living hell.

New York heiress Marjorie McGann wants a London season and a titled husband who can help her spend the Yankee millions she's inherited, and she thinks her new British guardian is the perfect person to help her find him. But Jonathan has no intention of letting his friend's fortune be squandered. Under his watchful, protective eye, Marjorie finds romance hard to come by...until one fateful night when her own guardian's devastating kisses makes her wonder if the greatest romance of all might be right in front of her.


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  1. I'd pick Say No to the Duke by Eloisa sounds like a fun and sassy heroine!

  2. I think I'd pick Say No to the Duke to read first.

  3. Say No to the Duke would be the first book I would read.

  4. I love Eloisa James, but I think I'd read Heiress Gone Wild first.

  5. Id read Say No to the Duke by Eloisa James first shes a fave of mine!!

  6. probably Say No to the Duke by Eloisa James first

  7. Heiress Gone Wild by Laura Lee Guhrke

  8. I've already read Say No to the Duke, so I'd read Heiress Gone Wild.