Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Case For Temptation by Robyn Grady ~ Excerpt & Giveaway

The Case for Temptation
Robyn Grady
Published by: Harlequin Desire
Publication date: January 1st 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
“We can’t see each other again…
and I think you know why.”
After an impulsive one-night stand with Jacob Stone, Teagan Hunter is appalled to discover he’s a lawyer intent on suing her media mogul brother. They’re done. But Jacob pursues the understated heiress…and Teagan is tempted. Could the powerhouse attorney be the one to give Teagan the new lease on life she desperately needs? Or is this a star-crossed scandal waiting to explode?

Author Bio:
Robyn Grady's stories have been published in 29 languages with millions of copies sold worldwide. Her books have appeared at award ceremonies including the National Readers Choice, the Booksellers Best, and Australia's prestigious Romance Book of the Year. Stories in her latest Harlequin Desire series, About That Night, will hit the shelves January and March, 2020. Stay up to date with the latest news at


The Case for Temptation, Robyn Grady Jan 2020

Keeping Secrets.
Hands up if you have a secret...information that you keep locked away and hidden for reasons that are purely your own. My latest Harlequin Desire, The Case for Temptation, revolves around a secret that is both heartbreaking and familiar to many.
After a childhood accident, Teagan Hunter was told she would never conceive. When a pregnancy test returned a positive result, she was stunned, elated, and so, so grateful. The subsequent miscarriage left her shattered. She will never put herself through that again. Adoption is an option, but not with the man she had hoped to build a future with. He comes from a big family and more than anything wants kids of his own.
The story begins with Teagan meeting a New York City attorney who appears to be any woman’s romantic dream come. A man who apparently has no interest in becoming a father. And so Teagan begins to wonder... Maybe she ought to confide in him. Maybe what they share could actually work. 
Jacob Stone has some secrets of his own. There’s so much to unpack about his complicated past. So much that has shaped and scarred him. But Jacob is hiding something even bigger from Teagan...a bombshell that will call into question his true motives toward her. Is Jacob interested in having a relationship, or is their one night stand merely a way to get dirt on Teagan’s media mogul brother? His client’s instructions were clear.
“I want to see Wynn Hunter destroyed. The rest of his blood-sucking family, too.”   
Have you ever shared a secret and wished that you hadn’t? Ever kept one when, in hindsight, you really should have spilled?
Leave a comment and be in the draw to win a print and digital copy of The Case For Temptation as well as a $25 Amazon voucher.
Here’s to an amazing new year!


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