Monday, August 13, 2018

The Simple Wild by K. A. Tucker ~ Review

Calla Fletcher wasn't even two when her mother took her and fled the Alaskan wild, unable to handle the isolation of the extreme, rural lifestyle, leaving behind Calla’s father, Wren Fletcher, in the process. Calla never looked back, and at twenty-six, a busy life in Toronto is all she knows. But when Calla learns that Wren’s days may be numbered, she knows that it’s time to make the long trip back to the remote frontier town where she was born.

She braves the roaming wildlife, the odd daylight hours, the exorbitant prices, and even the occasional—dear God—outhouse, all for the chance to connect with her father: a man who, despite his many faults, she can’t help but care for. While she struggles to adjust to this rugged environment, Jonah—the unkempt, obnoxious, and proud Alaskan pilot who helps keep her father’s charter plane company operational—can’t imagine calling anywhere else home. And he’s clearly waiting with one hand on the throttle to fly this city girl back to where she belongs, convinced that she’s too pampered to handle the wild.

Jonah is probably right, but Calla is determined to prove him wrong. Soon, she finds herself forming an unexpected bond with the burly pilot. As his undercurrent of disapproval dwindles, it’s replaced by friendship—or perhaps something deeper? But Calla is not in Alaska to stay and Jonah will never leave. It would be foolish of her to kindle a romance, to take the same path her parents tried—and failed at—years ago. It’s a simple truth that turns out to be not so simple after all.

This author.  She has a way of weaving a story so packed with emotions and real life that I find real tears streaming down my face.  And this one is no different.

I went in blind, having no idea what this book was about.  I just saw the authors name and knew it would need to be devoured.  The prologue was hard.  I almost  wasn't sure I could face it.  But this is not a simple story.  And it's one that's hard to put down once you start.

The characters are perfection.  Calla is her mothers daughter but she's more.  She may arrive in Alaska being more of her mom than anything else, she grows while she's there.  I love how she's strong yet genuine.  Sometimes authors try to make women strong by making them mean with a capital B.  But Calla is genuinely strong.  She isn't sure how do deal with her father.  Real.  And relying on the words of her Simon, her step father, she finds a way to get to know him.  Brave.  And her banter with Jonah is amazing.  She reacts to his bitter resentment of her and yet they become friends.  It felt so real.  I was just so satisfied. with her.

Jonah is not Wren.  But he does have Alaska running through his veins.  He cares for Wren and he respects him.  He's not going to let this city girl push him around or push Wren away.  He was strong and protective in a very masculine way yet he didn't disrespect Calla.  And when he was wrong, he admitted it.  Their relationship went from irritation and misunderstanding to friendship and respect.  He did get the last ha though.  Just his way, the dang Yeti.

The romance is always key for me.  This story isn't slow burn.  It isn't in your face romance.  It's real life.  It's trying to figure out how you fit or if you fit.  It's experiencing things together and learning about each other.  It's not being picked up in a bar or stolen glaces.  It's about being there for each other.  Teasing each other.  Learning you can't live without the other.  Understanding each other and doing what's right for each other.

I thoroughly loved this story.  I laughed.  I cried.  I couldn't stop reading it.  I didn't want it to end.  I needed to know the end.  I loved every moment.

If you've never read K.A. Tucker, hold on for one emotional read that will pull your heart through the wringer and help you see choices that aren't there.  It's a great choice for anyone who loves a good story.


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  1. K.A. Tucker always delivers and I'm sure this one is no different. Great review!