Monday, November 27, 2017

Dragon Fever by Donna Grant ~ Review

Source: Purchased the audio book.

A yearning that won’t be denied

Rachel Marek is a journalist with a plan. She intends to expose the truth about dragons to the world – and her target is within sight. Nothing matters but getting the truth, especially not the ruggedly handsome, roguishly thrilling Highlander who oozes danger and charm. And when she finds the truth that shatters her faith, she’ll have to trust her heart to the very man who can crush it…

A legend in the flesh

Suave, dashing Asher is more than just a man. He’s a Dragon King – a being who has roamed this planet since the beginning of time. With everything on the line, Asher must choose to trust an enemy in the form of an all too alluring woman whose tenacity and passion captivate him. Together, Asher and Rachel must fight for their lives – and their love – before an old enemy destroys them both…

I continue to be impressed that this author can make each of the books in this series unique in some way.  And it doesn't seem to matter that this is a novella, it had it's own flare and I just continue to devour them.

For the first time, we have a women trying to find out the dirt on the Kings.  She's trying to trick Asher.  Good luck with that.  But it creates a new dimension to their story.  When will he find out?  How far is she willing to go to get her story?  And can Asher ever forgive her if she tells the world?  It was a gem among a series I'm loving and devouring.

The dynamics between these two are fun.  She's on the offensive and she's strong.  He's trying to survive something he doesn't want to do.  They're both brilliant but no one can deny the heat between them.  So the last thing to figure out will be if she tells before or after she falls for him?  Or is there more truth she needs to learn about these Kings?  

It was a great little story that I really enjoyed. 

Are you on this dragon bandwagon?  You should be.  It's a great series.


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  1. haha love the whole premise on it. Would have loved to see Asher's face