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Past Be Damned (Last Hope #2) by Rebecca Royce ~ Review

Past Be Damned (Last Hope Book 2)Source: e-ARC provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Past Be Damned (Last Hope #2) by Rebecca Royce

It is the end of days…

Ripped from her life and her loves, Teagan spent five hellish years in a demon infested mine. The darkness she experienced, living on within her long after her rescue. Lost without her loves, she worries as the darkness grows—she will not become the evil they have faced. Sacrificing her identity will protect those she is supposed to serve…and after everything else she’s paid, Teagan sees no other choice.

They will never give up…

Thaddeus, Aidan, Noah, Eric, and Brody live for one reason—revenge. They will destroy Sister Superior for her part in the death of their love. Battle and hate fill the void where their Sister should be, but when they get word that Teagan might be alive—nothing will stand between them and the woman they love.

After reading and loving Tradition Be Damned, I was beyond excited to pick up Past Be Damned. Teagan had an interesting situation, and I was looking forward to getting her story. And now I'm glad to say that Rebecca Royce absolutely delivered a solid and terrific second installment to the Last Hope series.

I loved Teagan and her strength. She gets the serious short end of the stick more than once (both before the book even started and during the book), but still she uses her powers and does what she can to do what is right. I also loved Teagan's men. They were protective, kind, smart, and more -- and their dynamic was perfect.

The plot was very well executed. It doesn't take long for the story to get rolling, and I didn't spend any time at all waiting for things to pick up. Teagan's story began and from there it was a quick and entertaining read the whole way through -- both from what happens with her personally and also the overarching events that link the entire series.

The romance was sweet and satisfying. That said, I wish we could have seen more of the heartfelt moments between Teagan and her guys. And by that I mean: they'd already fallen in love long before the book even started. So when they reunite, things kind of pick up as the feelings resurface. And while we get small glimpses into the pivotal moments between Teagan and each of the men, I would have loved more. Whether that be through them remembering things or talking about them or what. This wasn't a huge thing that took a lot away from the story or anything, but the romance was so great I could only imagine how things were like with them all BEFORE. Another small gripe, it irked me a small bit at their lack of communication skills regarding a couple of things. Lack of communication in relationships in general in books always grinds my gears, though.

But. All that said. The romance truly was sweet and satisfying. Teagan and her men are clearly perfectly matched, and I'm glad I got to read their story.

Overall, Past Be Damned is a terrifically entertaining second installment in a series I'm loving. I'm so excited for the next book! I can't wait to get the next heroine's story -- and to see Teagan and Thaddeus and Aidan and Noah and Eric and Brody again ;)

4 stars - A solid and terrific second installment to the Last Hope series!

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