Saturday, March 29, 2014

Children's Books

Source: Received copy from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Meet three adorable best friends from debut author/illustrator talent with a huge Etsy following

Oliver, Charlie, and Lulu love to play outside together. Their favorite game is hide-and-seek, but it’s not fun for Oliver when his friends hide in the trees—he can’t reach them! So the friends set off to find a tree that Oliver can play in.

But there’s a reason we don’t see elephants in trees, and just when Oliver is ready to give up the search, Charlie and Lulu surprise him with the perfect tree for them all to play in together!

 My Thoughts:

A sweet story of friendship, Oliver's Tree does a great job of teaching how friends support each other. Oliver the elephant can't climb the trees his friend the bird and bunny can. As the friends search for a tree that will work for Oliver, he becomes discouraged. But his friends come to his rescue finding a way for their friend to enjoy the magic of being in a tee.

I loved how the differences in these friends was accepted and it didn't stop them from supporting each other. I also liked the creative solution that was clearly outside the box thinking.

The pictures are wonderful really adding to the story.

This one is great story that any child would enjoy.



Source:  Received copy from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.

This book has the cutest cover. I loved the dressed poodle. The illustrates are beautiful. My problem with this book was the story. The silver bowed girl wants to be a model. She dresses up and walks the runway. She even wears a pink bikini and is described as hot. That's the end. I don't like this message. Playing dress up is fine but I would have liked to have seen a message of acceptance instead of the perfect body image that was communicated.

Clearly a girls book, I think this one is a just for fun story but could have had a better message.


Since my grandson isn't the right person to have a little girls dress-up book, I've decided to give my review copy of The Poodle Tales (Book Nine, The Modeling Poo) away.

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  1. Oliver's Tree sounds like such a sweet story, and The Poodle Tales has a really cute cover! I love reading to my daughter. She's 5 years old, and loves being in the bookstore and library for hours on end. I enjoy children's book with life lessons. My favorite themes include accepting and loving yourself for who you are,and treating others with kindness. Great Post Val!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  2. Both seem like sweet books! I miss my kids enjoying stories like these. Glad you liked both.

  3. My girls would LOVE this! They love to read. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  4. I love a book that teaches a lesson. These books sound good.