Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shark Bait (Grab Your Pole #1) by Jenn Cooksey ~ Review

Source:  Received eBook copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Book Description:

Previously homeschooled Camie Ramsey is being shoved into the shark-infested waters of public high school, where even helium filled, penguin bespeckled arm floaties likely won’t help keep her inexperienced, fifteen-year old head above water in that rip current of hormones and emotions.

Camie’s worldly wisdom might be severely lacking (i.e., the closest she’s come to being kissed was sitting too close to the TV whilst Jake Ryan leaned in to give Samantha that fateful 16th birthday kiss), but she does understand her only hope for survival is if she’s thrown some kind of “social” life preserver before she sinks like a freaking rock. However, what will her fate be when she endeavors to flag down the only lifeguard on duty, the enormously popular and ridiculously beautiful Tristan Daniels? The most sought after and virtually most unattainable guy in school who not only makes Camie’s heart flatline on a recurring basis, he’s also the one guy who seemingly doesn’t know she exists.

Feeling like an inept piece of chum that could ultimately be swallowed by Jaws, can Camie get Tristan to rescue her from floundering in the treacherous deep, or is she destined to be Shark Bait?

My Thoughts:


5 stars- It's a little bit mystery and a whole lot fun as Camie swims the waters of public high school!

I completely love the premise of this book!  Previously homeschooled girl faces public high school and the social roller coaster ride with little to no experience.  Enter gorgeous and mysterious Tristan who doesn't do the girlfriend thing and you have the making of a fun and sexy read.

I love Camie.  She rings true.  I spend  a lot of time around teenagers and sometimes I read these books and think - what foreign animal is that because their not like any teen I have met.  Camie fits the bill, though.  She's nervous and is trying very hard to make choices that will keep her socially afloat.  Her academics are never in question, it's just this social nightmare she's found herself thrown into.  Love her efforts and love her voice.

The only one I love more is her sister, Jillian.  Oh my, that girl is up to trouble.  Do not tick that girl off and do not get on the wrong side of Camie because Jillian will find you and you will regret it.  So funny.  I can't wait for the next book so I can enjoy more of that girl. 

Oh, there are some serious things going on in this book, too.  Like, why are they these two girls leaving the homeschooling ranks to join the public school roller coaster?  Yeah, that's the sad part.  You learn it right away, so I'll tell.  Their mother has cancer and can no longer homeschool them.  That was the serious side of this book - the ramifications on families when something like that happens.

So, I know you're wondering how I could get this far into the review and no as yet have mentioned the boy? Well we have arrived at Tristan.  The mystery tied up in a boy that I still don't get but I so want to.  He has so many secrets and while I learned a lot about him, I still feel the pull that there is more.  He has his reasons for why he is the way he is and I get it.  I love him too.  I love...oh I can't tell you all the reasons I love him because you must experience him.  You must be surprised about him, like I was.  I love him.  I totally do. And you will too.

Do not start this one late at night unless you plan on staying up reading all night.  Schedule your time, because once you start you will not want to put it down.  Then you will so want the next book ready to go when you're done.  Enjoy this one!

Camie and Tristan are back and so are their friends! Dive deeper into the lives of the GYP gang with The Other Fish in the Sea, the second installment in the Grab Your Pole Series by Jenn Cooksey.




  1. I have this on my kindle but keep putting it off. Thanks to your review, I will be putting it at the top of my list! Thanks.

  2. I bought this last week since so many of my blogger friends seem to love it. This sounds so good. I know it's totally a book for me. I need to make time for it.

  3. Yayayayay! I am so so happy you loved this, pal. Beautiful review!

  4. Is this the same Shark Bait that's been out for a while? I've been hearing about this one FOREVER! And heard it was great :) Must. Add. To. Summer. Reading. List!

  5. I just downloaded this last week. I've been seeing it everywhere! Can't wait to dive into it myself! So glad to hear you loved it too! :)

  6. I am so happy you loved this one Pal! I really thought you would. :) Can't wait for you to read TOFitS!

  7. Beautiful review! Sounds like a really good, and I gonna put it on my to read list! :)