Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Abbi Glines! ~ Giveaway

There are some authors that I will do about anything for.  Abbi is one of those authors.  I tend to drop what I'm reading when an Abbi book arrives.  Today is her birthday and a bunch of bloggers are celebrating.  Please join us!

The first book I ever read by Abbi Glines was Breathe

Breathe has  gone through a couple covers and is currently getting spiced up but the thing that I loved about this book was....


I'm excited to read the new version and I'm sure I'll still love that boy.

Reading Breathe led me to the other books in the Sea Breeze series.

This second book in the series was for Marcus.  I liked him in Breathe but fell in love with him in Because of Low.  As a matter of fact the best part of this book was...


Of course, by then I was truly hooked on the series and was seriously excited when the next one came out.

You may be starting to see a pattern here, but the very best part of While it Lasts is...


I'll bet you're not surprised that I read Just for Now as soon as I could get my hands on it.

And by now, you should know that the very best part of this book is...


These would be Abbi boys!  She's sooooo good at creating the most swoon worthy boys.  Some are flawed and some are misunderstood but all are hot and my very favorite.

There are more Abbi books (That's what I call them). I've read most of them and am excited to have just got Twisted Perfection (Too Far, #3).  It's going to be devoured very soon!  WHY? Well because of....


If you have not started reading Abbi books, you need to get it done!  She has a long list and I've never read a bad one.  Check out all her books here.

Happy Birthday Abbi!


(1) Print copy of The Vincent Boys - International - shipped from The Book Depository to eligible countries
(1) Print copy of Fallen Too Far - International - shipped from The Book Depository to eligible countries

(5) 'Vintage' Swag Mini-Packs: includes the original promotional bookmarks for Predestined and The Vincent Boys, plus an Existence book plate, all signed by Abbi. - International

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  1. Many returns of the Day for Abbi Gines.
    May she live for another many years to come and bless us with her awesome writing !!

  2. Great post Val! Thanks for sharing your favorite Abbi guys! <3

  3. Happy Birthday Abbi!!! :)

    You've clearly got a thing for Abbi's books. I love it when readers are so into the books they're reading. It always makes me smile (even when they're not my own books he he he)
    Suzy Turner, YA Author

  4. I've read Abbi's Too Far and Vincent Boys series, so Sea Breeze is next on my list! Happy birthday, Abbi!

  5. Happy birthday, Abbi, I hope you have an amazing day, and may the year bring good things for you! :)

  6. Happy birthday Abbi! I'm a big fan of her! :)
    The first book I've read of her is Existence and I can't get enough of it. Then Fallen Too far. I haven't started the Sea Breeze series yet and hopefully I can start reading them soon.
    Thanks for the giveaway and for making it international! :))

  7. Haha! I'm sensing a theme here...

  8. Happy Birthday to you, and many more!
    Keep up the good work.


  9. Happy Birthday!!! :)) Hope it's an epic day!!

  10. Never had a chance to read anything by Abbi.....another author I can add to my list :)I hope you are having the best B-day ever Abbi!!

  11. Great Abbi Glines giveaway!! Happy Birthday Abbi!!


    and thank you for the giveaway :)

  13. Happy birthday Abbi!!!
    Best wishes!! XOXO

  14. Awesome post and happy birthday Abbi!

  15. Happy Birthday Abbi! Hope you have a wonderful day and may your wishes come true ;)

  16. Happy Birthday Abbi! I have read the vincent boys and the vincent brothers and loved them. I can't wait to read the rest of Abbi's books. Great Giveway.

  17. Happy Birthday, Abbi! I have your books high on my list and hope to dive in soon! I already can tell I'll love them! Thanks for all of the great books!

  18. Happy Birthday, Abbi!! I hope you live a looooonnnnng life to bless us with more amazing books.:D LOVE THEM ALL! God bless you!:) Cant wait for Twisted Perfection!

  19. Happy Birthday to an amazing author!!! Love your books, cannot wait to read more.

  20. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday our dear Abbi, happy birthday to you. :D
    May your day be as amazing as your books are. XO

  21. Happy birthday Abbi! Hope you're having an awesome time in the UK!

  22. Happy Birthday, Abbi!
    I have never read any of your books and would love to. They sound really good.

  23. Happy Birthday Abbi Glines ! :D you're one of my favorite authors and I've been loving all the characters in your book eversince ♥ may you have a memorable birthday :))))

  24. Happy Birthday, Abbi. Wish u all the best and success always with your books.
    Abbi is one of my favorite author. I have read Existence Trilogy and See Breeze series, and I loved it.

  25. Have a great birthday Abbi! Loved the post, and the books sound great.

  26. Happy Birthday Abbi! I have heard so many great things about these books but somehow I still never got to read any of them