Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shadow of the Moon

Shadow of the Moon (A dark Guardian Novel #4) by Rachel Hawthorne


Hayden is a shifter. She shifts for the first time at the full moon after her seventeenth birthday. But unlike most shifters, Hayden can feel other shifters emotions. They overwhelm her. She struggles to be around them for any length of time. Her parents died when she was 5 and she has been at a boarding school with human most of her life, since human emotions don’t effect her. She returns home, to Wolford, twice a year to be with her kind. She has returned again in preparation for her full moon but the emotions of a shifters death send her running away. She will go through her full moon alone, a dangerous prospect for any female shifter. Normally, a female shifter would go through her first shift with her mate to distract her from the pain. But the emotions of Wolford are not the only reason that Hayden wants to try. The elders have no interest in her trying, they send the hot and mysterious Daniel to find her and bring her back and they have chosen him to be her mate. Will she except Daniel and let him help her survive her first shift or will she refuse to let him risk his life for her? Will Daniel be able to convince her to return?

My thoughts:

My bias is that I love Rachel Hawthorne’s writing. She does such a nice job of giving a few clues and some nice surprises along the way. The story follows a similar path to the other dark guardian stories but with twists to make is enjoyable and different. I loved the characters. Daniel had showed up in the last book but we didn’t know him very well. In this book, he takes center stage and pulls off that tall dark and I’m protecting you whether you like it or not attitude. Hayden is a new character and she is strong and thoughtful. I sympathized with her and rooted for her. The world of the dark guardians continue with the characters from the previous books there for brief rolls. I love this world that Rachel has created. It is rich and full. I have enjoyed the series and hope that she writes more in it. I gave the book 4 out of 5 stars.

Enjoy the read!

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