Thursday, January 6, 2011

Full Moon (Dark Guardian #2)

Full Moon (Dark Guardian #2) by Rachel Hawthorne

Lindsey knows she will shift for the first time into a wolf under the full moon following her seventeenth birthday. She has been planning for it her whole life. Her parents have been planning for it. They have picked her mate, the shifter that is to help her through the process of her first shift and then be her bonded mate for life. Choosing that guy is a huge decision for a seventeen year old to make. Her parents want her to choose Conner. He has already chosen her. Everyone seems to think that Conner is the perfect choice. Lindsey thought Conner was the perfect choice up until this last summer when she noticed the delicious Rafe. Rafe has dark eyes and dark hair to Conner’s blue eyes and blond hair. Rafe comes from a troubled past and fixes cars. Conner is the son of a lawyer and comes from a perfect home. And while Lindsey has known Rafe for years, Conner has been her best friend all her life. They grew up together. Conner is the perfect and safe choice. Then why can’t Lindsey quit thinking about Rafe? Why does she stare at him unable to pull her eyes away? Why does she have sexy hot dreams about Rafe? Why is she so confused about who to choose when everyone else is so certain for her? Will Lindsey choose Conner, someone she has loved her whole life but doesn’t have much passion for or will she risk a chance on Rafe who makes her blood boil?

My thoughts

I love Rachel Hawthornes books. I have been working on reading everything she has written and I haven’t found a bad one in the lot. She does a good job with Full Moon. Lindsey is portrayed as a teenager struggling with growing up into an adult world. She is strong but could really use a friend who she could confide her doubts to. I think that describes a lot of seventeen girls. Even though shifting into a wolf isn’t an issue for most teenage girls, they still have these same concerns. Who do I trust with my fears? Why do my parents think they know what’s best for me? If I don’t choose what my parents want for me, will they hate me forever? Do I try and make my friends happy or myself? Is the safe choice the best choice? Rachel does a good job of threading these concerns in a great paranormal love story. I really loved Rafe. He is brave and willing to take risks to prove to Lindsey should give him a try. Not all guys are willing to jeopardize their pride and ego by letting a girl know how they feel without any real hope of those feeling being returned. While he did make it clear to Lindsey how he felt, he also respected the rules of his culture which I thought said a lot about him. Since this was the second book in the series, we knew a lot of the characters already. I loved how the main character from book one supported the ones in this book. It’s a great way to really get to know the whole group. Rachel continues this process as the series continues with Dark of the Moon. I liked seeing Kayla and Lucas from Moonlight again. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars. I checked in out of the library but I may need to buy the whole series. Definitely worth space on my bookshelf!

Enjoy the read!

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